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    Is it possible to implement to configs radial menu overlay? Something like we can see in many modern games (eg. GTA V).
    Menu will be visible when pressing eg. LB, right analog joystick is losing it's abilities of moving camera and turning into radial menu selector. When we are releasing LB, action selected by Right Stick is getting applied. Nice example is in GTA V, there we have even nice option of extending this menu with D-pad left and d-pad right to have more than 8 choices. We can assign more actions after jumping between wheel variants.

    But what can we assign to such radial? 1,2,3-0 keys to switch weapons in older games or macros to perform some emotes and actions.
    One LB button instead of one action, it can have 8 easy to browse actions.

    Probably not easy to implement, but for sure worth to have in the future.

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    Cool idea, thank you.

    The overlay for all games and apps is not an easy thing for sure, so I won't promise you that it will appear in reWASD certainly, but... it is already in our to-do list :satisfied:

    Stay tuned!


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      Good to hear that! Thanks! :satisfied:


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        Will keep you informed.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          Since you guys recently implemented a general/informational overlay, I would like to bump this and say how nice a radial input menu with the aesthetics of the current overlay would be. Crossing my fingers!


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            Originally Posted by Spanish Ty View Post
            Since you guys recently implemented a general/informational overlay, I would like to bump this and say how nice a radial input menu with the aesthetics of the current overlay would be. Crossing my fingers!
            Hey there! With overlay feature, the radial menu seems to be closer to us, that's true. Could you please describe what exactly do you need from it?
            Some games have embedded radial menu (with customization, icons, in-game actions), and this is not possible to make from our side. However, the ability to show a radial menu with your mappings (descriptions) is pretty possible. Will be grateful for the details


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              I'd also love to see the addition of a radial menu (or some other form of overlay). It would be a great step for supporting games that have limited gamepad support or games with lots of keyboard hotkeys.

              Could you please describe what exactly do you need from it?
              I wouldn't expect ReWASD to be able to hook or control an ingame radial menu. Instead, it would be a handy way to add additional bindings without the memory load of remembering complex management of shift layers or combos.

              Here's how I'd envision something like this working:
              1. Set a joystick to "radial menu" instead of to an analog or digital output.
                • This would replace the normal joystick behavior.
                • Most of the time, I'd expect users to place this in a separate shift layer from the main configuration. You'd have something like "hold L1 to activate a radial menu."
                • Maybe it could also be used on a touchpad on DS4 / DualSense / Steam Controller?
              2. Define a couple options for the radial menu as a whole. These items would be configurable in the profile.
                • Is the menu always visible when the shift layer is active, or does it appear when there's output on the joystick and disappear when the joystick returns to center?
                • Where does the menu appear on-screen?
                • How does the user activate ("press") a binding in the radial menu?
                  • Automatic - activates as soon as the joystick enters that section of the menu (maybe with a configurable delay?). This would work great for things like weapon select hotkeys.
                  • Button press - hold the joystick in a direction and then press a button
                  • If using the menu in a shift layer, an option to activate the binding when the layer shift is toggled off. For example, if L1 was your layer toggle, you'd hold L1 to enter the shift layer, press the joystick to select the radial menu entry, then release L1 and the highlighted radial menu binding is activated.
              3. Define a binding for each spot in the radial menu
                • These would be independent bindings from anything else in the config. For example, I could bind keyboard keys, gamepad buttons, mouse, key combos, etc.
                • It would be nice to be able to choose how many bindings the radial menu has. Maybe I want to set up a menu with only 3 items in one layer and an item with 8 in another layer.
                • Things like double- and triple-tap probably wouldn't make sense in a menu
                • What is displayed in the overlay? The same key or symbol shown in the ReWASD GUI? Description? A user-specified image? (That last would be great for customization, as some creative users could design images that match a game's art style.)

              Here are a couple example use cases I could think of:
              • Games with inventory hotbars that use the keyboard number row (0-9) to quickly select an inventory slot. Minecraft, Terraria, etc.
              • Games with extra keyboard hotkeys that are shortcuts to menus not normally available in gamepad controls. For example, Horizon: Zero Dawn has keyboard shortcuts to directly open the map, crafting menu, etc. Skyrim has a keyboard quick load / quick save.
              • Really niche example, but I'd totally do this: if playing Final Fantasy 6 on an emulator, you could create a radial menu containing macros / combos for each of Sabin's Blitz techniques.
              I don't think all of these options need to be implemented before a radial menu is useful. This is just a wish list.


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                Thank you so much for the detailed post!

                Yes, this is the radial menu we can do. I won't promise you any fast releases, but we will definitely add this suggestion to our to-do list.


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                  TutTutReign did a great job at going through many of the use general use cases for Radial Menus with the core idea of putting many bindings on a joystick, touchpad, or gyro input and providing a visual indicator as to which is being selected (much like the Weapon Wheels in many popular games like the Doom remakes or the Batman Arkham series). If you'd like some visual direction I made a few videos about Radial Menus and some of the general, as well as more esoteric, uses for them. All of these links are timestamped so you can get right to the pertinent info if you choose to check these out.
                  1. General Radial Menu Use - The core idea here is displaying the radial, showing the binding name, possibly allowing for icons to be used rather than the binding itself, and a couple of standard use cases (opening menus in RPGs or selecting skills/weapons) [55 seconds long]
                  2. Unique Usage - These two scenarios utilized many Shifts so they wouldn't be a bit hampered with reWASD's current restriction of 4 shifts but the application is still amazing, especially the RTS application in the second half of the video. [8 minutes but you can skip the middle section explaining how to set it up in Steam Input if you wish]
                  3. Another Unique Usage - This is an expanded idea to the Nesting concept explored in #2. I designed this specifically for someone wanting to put some 150 bindings on a Steam Controller for some older MMORPG. He still uses it to this day. [The basic gist can be understood in just a few seconds]
                  4. Highly Unorthodox Usage - I wanted to really look outside the box of FPS Controller configs. I put all movement on the triggers using the Dual-stage mechanism to put WASD all on those two buttons and then I use the touchpads for all of my actions. Important notes on this one are the activation methods. I use all three types of activation allowed by Steam Input here: Automatic, On Release, and On Press. Automatic means that the binding is fired as soon as I highlight the binding in the menu. On Release means the binding is fired when I center the input (remove my thumb from the touchpad or allow the joystick to spring back to center). On Press means the binding is fired when the input is clicked in (for pressing a touchpad in or clicking in a stick). Alternatively, I asked Valve to implement a separate selection key for this but this hasn't been implemented yet. What I mean by this is something like designating the 'A' button as the Radial Selection key so that any bindings in a Radial Menu only activate when they are highlighted and then the A button is pressed. [4 minutes long but you could skip through the explanations if you wish]
                  If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask.


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                    Thank a lot for the videos and explanations. We do want to make this functionality (in the best possible way), and it will certainly help once we start implementing this feature.


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                      Good to see this idea on here.

                      I use radial menus as an addon in World Of Warcraft called OPie.

                      Some form of rewasd support would be even better, I tend to like them click & hold button either keyboard or mouse, move in direction of a segment which highlights then release button.

                      Alternative is click and release a button to bring menu up then mouse and click on tile to dismiss either way works.

                      This functionality is provided by mice such as expensive CAD Mouse Pro from 3DConnexion allowing macros on a radial menu from a mouse button dedicated to it. However rewasd doing this would mean not having to spend £120 on a mouse


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                        Thanks for your addition to the request. We will take it into account when working on this feature.


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                          It's been two years, so what is the status of this?


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                            The status is: in the works. It shouldn't be long now.


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                              Cool thought, many thanks.

                              I won't guarantee that it will appear in reWASD because creating an overlay for every game and app is undoubtedly difficult, but it is already on our to-do list:satisfied: