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  • Slot change feedback

    Hi reWASD,

    it would be nice to have some feedback when switching between slot configs. It's easy to lose track of which layout you're using.

    Perhaps a selection? A quick beep or chime for each slot, or a rumble pattern, or a on-screen popup?

    My current usage case: Elite Dangerous in VR. Which slot did assign my combat layout to? Which slot am I on? I can't even look down at the controller due to the HMD.


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    At the moment, we have a feedback for slots for DS4, DS3, Nintendo and Steam controllers: a user can set LED for each slot to see the active slots.

    We will certainly think about other methods for other controllers. We want to implement an overlay which will show all the changes, but this idea is on the early stage of development in the moment. So stay tuned!


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      Hi reWASDer,

      well, that's the thing: I'm proposing direct feedback without looking down at the controller. Which, in itself, doesn't work when you're wearing a VR headset.

      So a non-visual feedback mechanism, like a specific chime, or a rumble pattern, would be a simple technique. I'm not sure how/if an overlay would work with VR though.


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        Hi Jamlad,

        Thank you for clarifying. as reWASDer said, we think about other notification methods, your suggestions are taken into account!
        Don't worry! Be Happy!