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Continuous rumble while button held

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  • Continuous rumble while button held

    Hi there,

    is there any possibility to expand the rumble feature so then while a button is held you can get the rumble to stay activated?


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    Hi there,

    Hmm, there no option to set rumble for a long press. Although, you may add some mapping + a rumble in a combo and turbo it. In this case, while you hold the mapping triggers with the rumble. It looks like this. But there are minuses:
    - max rumble duration is 2.5 sec (but maybe it's not a big deal as a turbo repeats rumble constantly ).
    - the mapping will be turbo as well.

    Thank you for your suggestion, definitely, taken into account. Currently, there is no option to set rumble for a long press. Perhaps the combo trick will be helpful.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Hey there, sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but any news on this sort of feature being added? It could be handy to get rumble back in games where doing hybrid input will disable it. Thank you!


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        There is no news on this topic. So far, the trick described by Star-Lord is the only way to provide continuous vibration.