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Deadzone shapes is a must!

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  • Deadzone shapes is a must!

    Hi REWASD team! I just want to let you know about the severity of lacking the biggest features of all for remapper. The ability to change your deadzone shape.
    There is a tone out there of player that use remappers just to change the deadzone shape to square or cross or w/e they like. Missing something so important in 2020 when you can get free software to just do that make REWASD just not worth the money for all of them. Just add a square deadzone at least...

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for the suggestion. May I ask you why do you need the square deadzone? What mappings are going to use for square deadzone, what game(s)? What gamepad is going to be used?

    I mean, it would very helpful if you provide some real example or use case where it must have.

    Thank you in advance.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      I personaly use rewasd in rocket league. I use it so i can bind more buttons (or let's call them actions) into one. Aka macros or combos. I bought rewasd mainly for this feature."Map key sequence to controller" as the front page of rewasd said.
      It's works preaty well i can say. It's adds a litle bit of input delay but it's no a big deal. The big deal is into car controll... car feels way more different as expected. And this is because rocket league is developed to be played with cross or square deadzone as is the most common deadzones for ps and xbox controllers.
      I use a ps4 controller and i know that that means i use a cross deadzone.I use to change my deadzone shape to square from steam configuration settings as square deadzone seems more responsive (for the reason that you can get diagonal input into 1 instead of 0.77 with cross).
      The issue with rewasd is that it change your deadzone shape into circle always. Change your deadzone shape plays a huge deffenece for your input and games that is not meant to played with circle deadzones is.. let's say.. half destroyed..
      And it's a pitty for a software like this.. rewasd looks so nice. It's compact, easy to use and it works..
      That's so sad lacking this core feature from this software for so many years...

      P.S.: sorry for my bad english


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        Thanks for the details.

        Still, there is a thing we need to specify. Which type of mappings do you use in reWASD for this game? Are there combos with keyboard and mouse (and your sticks are mapped to WASD and mouse) or are you using a virtual controller?


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          I am using a default mapping of ps4 controller outputing as ps4 virtual controller. My Combo is pressing keyoboard's P for 20ms. Everything else is default
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            Got it, so the stick acts as stick.

            We will think what is possible to do here. The problem is that this functionality is not about a deadzone actually, it is about stick shape.
            Something wrong with the terms here, but we are seems to be on the same page.


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              I would like to chime in and request this feature be added as well. HERE is a link to an article that I believe can explain this more clearly. It comes as a wonderful advantage for anyone who plays Rocket League without a ps3 controller. I am not sure how useful the feature is in other games but Rocket League alone has well over 500k daily concurrent players so hopefully that is enough of a reason to implement this in your wonderful software. =)


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                Thank you for the link. Yes, it seems to be crucial for Rocket League but is not used in many other games.
                Will do our best in the next versions.