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    Since the update to the Remote Play app on PC, it's been completely impossible to have the touchpad, triggers, and the left stick press emulated. Using an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

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    Hi there,

    May I ask you for details? As I understand, you use Xbox Elite 2 controller to emulate the virtual DS4 controller. What config do you use basic virtual DS4, or with some additional mappings, combo, turbo, etc?

    Does it work out of the PS remote play? Like if you open joy.cpl or any online tester, your Xbox is detected as DS4 and controls are working, right?

    Thank you in advance.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      This issue is exclusive to Remote Play. I have only one button remapped to switch the share button to touchpad.


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        Please try to restart PS4 Remote Play app after you applied a config, it may be a chance that the application can't detect it on the fly.
        Also, ensure that DS4 controller appears in the system (using tester) and check other devices at the bottom left — if other configs applied to your keyboard and mouse, they may also create a virtual controller that interfere with the app.


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          I have restarted it numerous times. The only thing I have a config in use for is this controller. Will you please stop pushing this as human error; I came here to report a bug and you haven't even stated that you've attempted to reproduce the issue. Sony adding support for DualSense has assuredly broke something here. Regardless, this is the result shown when using Gamepad Tester:


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            Hi there,

            Tested it's working. The new PS Remote play version. connected to PS4. The DS4 virtual controller is used. The GUI is working. Launched the first game (TitanFall 2), played a couple of missions. Triggers are working (aiming, shooting) L3 which is tactical running, touchpad click (current mission goals).

            In case it's a bug you found on your side I would like to ask you for details app version, what the console is connected, steps to reproduce the bug, video showing the problem.

            Thank you in advance.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                These issues aren't exclusive to Destiny 2 by the way, it wasn't really necessary to make the video any longer than it already was


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                  Hi there,

                  Thank you for your footage, but where am I suppose to look at? What does exactly touch click do in the game? What is the action for this control?
                  ​​​​​​ Unfortunately, didn't have the game specifically to test, but, online tester shows that it's working - Does it work out the game on your side?

                  The gamepad tester link.
                  Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                    It does look a little different on my end. Is there any way to send you a log of some sort?


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                      Hi there,

                      It was a 5.6 preview installed, but it doesn't make any difference regarding your case. Just installed 5.5.1 and tested again. Seems that it works. Please, make a video of the real problem, where clearly seen what doesn't work. I asked you twice.

                      1. Does it work out of the PS remote play? Apply config and try the online tester.

                      2. Have you ever used the Vigem, SCPToolKit drivers? Please, remove them completely, as they could interfere with reWASD.
                      Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                        "Work out the PS Remote Play?" If you mean that this works outside of remote play, yes. I told you this when you first asked. It works fine in literally every situation I could put it through. Tester, and every PC game I own that would support DS4 - such as Watch Dogs Legion or games on Steam.

                        I just reviewed my drivers. I don't have either of those installed. (Yes - I made sure to check for hidden drivers)

                        I don't know what more you want me to capture in a video. I took lightshots and recorded everything I could possibly need to show you, and if you really don't think I have then you need to either be more specific or scroll up this topic. Don't get irritable. You can't expect me to understand when your English starts to falter.

                        I'll scroll up and try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I'm running the latest available version of reWASD. I'm running the latest version of remote play. Console connected?... Obviously it's remote play, but if you mean if it's a wired or wireless connection then it's wired on PC and my PS4. Steps to reproduce? I'm just using it normally... If there's anything more "normal" than what I've already shown you on the lightshots and videos then by all means, please enlighten me. That video you asked me to send showed the problem. The problem that I put at the top of this thread. "touchpad, triggers, and the left stick press" and the video SHOWS that reWASD is receiving my input and that these specific button presses aren't getting read by remote play in the slightest. You would have seen me pull up my Ghost, open the Director, Sprint, use melee, use grenade - but all of this isn't working. Watching the video, you can see that.


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                          Touchpad is used to bring up my Ghost, which can then be used to bring up the director - L3 is for sprint, and I use L2 for grenades and R2 for melee.

                          If Destiny is confusing you, please suggest me game(s) you will understand.


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                            Well, obviously, if you told us that everything works fine outside of PS4 remote, the issue is not in the reWASD, thus, current PS4 remote version has some glitch or something.
                            By the way, I didn't notice anything weird on video.
                            Moreover, we are not destiny players. We don't know exactly which key is responsive for some action.
                            We can see that you press buttons and some actions are made in game, that's it.

                            So you told us there is an issue with PS4 remote only, not in any other app, but you start flaming reWASD, instead on checking reddit threads or the PS remote play support about having issues with some mappings.
                            reWASD emulates the controller and if or joy.cpl, which can be ran trough the windows (Win+R -> joy.cpl) show that all the buttons are pressed, it cannot be a reWASD's issue. As we do not integrate our software inside PS remote. We just create the virtual controller. If it functions everywhere except PS remote, it must be a PS remote failure.

                            As the alternative, please remake all the mappings in your reWASD config to become 'orange'. For this, make remapping of each button. Enter the key and assign the correspondent mapping manually. So the field 'rewasd mapping' is not 'none', but fulfilled.

                            p.s. I watched the video, the problem is there is no explanation. Nor subtitles, not voice ones. Where should exactly we pay attention to?
                            You can just tell us the timecode e.g. 1:32 I try to use Sprint by pressing the L3 button. You did a cool thing by adding the reWASD window into the video, but for better vision of it, you could use the, which shows ALL the actions in real time, not just the last one. reWASD shows the mapping once you press some button to quickly find it, not for some analyzing or in-real-time monitoring. So it is hard for us to really understand what's going on in the video.

                            p.p.s. Avoid using phrases like
                            'Don't get irritable. You can't expect me to understand when your English starts to falter.'
                            Everyone has a bit different level of English and we are international team. The same way, I could bring some Oxford English language professor here, at this forum to tell you the same, about your English 'Falter'.
                            Let's respect each other as we pay attention to each and every user's question or doubt.
                            We pay attention to each glitch and bug found by our user. Even the smallest one.
                            And we try to fix it as soon as possible.

                            I can guarantee you that you can't find any similar product with such functionality on the internet. Or it does not exist at all, or this is very simple software, without any customer support.

                            So please show us the same respect that we show you by taking some patience and better explanation.


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                              Hi Termulus,

                              1. Maybe the issue is that the game requires the touchpad click with the touchpad tap. Try to add the touchpad tab + touchpad click in a combo, I believe, execute at once mode would be perfect. Here is an online tutorial (scroll down a bit).
                              2. Thank you for my English evaluation, another reason to study harder (sarcasm).
                              Don't worry! Be Happy!