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Intuitive Joystick Emulation for the Mouse, When moving from Upper to Diagonal

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  • Intuitive Joystick Emulation for the Mouse, When moving from Upper to Diagonal

    Just purchased your 'full-monte' license yesterday, after reWASD blew my mind.
    Love your work, it continues to impress. Appreciate you all.

    Ran into a bit of a limitation while using joystick emulation for the mouse:
    • With a regular joystick, when you move the joystick up, the 'cursor' goes upward and stays.
    • When you move the joystick from the up position to the upper left ( a left-ward hand movement ), cursor moves to the upper left corner.

    When using joystick emulation for the mouse ( Spring mode NOT enabled ):
    • When you move the mouse up, the cursor goes upward and stays, great.
    • When you move the mouse from the up position to the upper left ( a left-ward hand movement ), cursor goes to the LEFT!
    Expected that the cursor should go to the upper left instead.

    This ruins diagonal movement when starting from upward position, which is a very common movement.

    Spring mode's behavior is perfect in this case.
    Similar behavior for non-spring mode would suit me perfectly.

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    Hey there!

    Thanks a lot for your kind words. Happy to know that you like reWASD!

    I have recorded a small video to compare how I move my physical mouse and how the virtual stick goes. I move my mouse Up, then Left, drawing a full square, and I can see that the joystick moves on the edge. I am not sure how you run into the described issue. It may be a chance that you have a pretty high sensitivity, and so the joystick's "circle" is too small.

    Here is my video. Please correct me if I am doing something wrong.


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      reWASD is Amazing. Thanks so much for getting back to me, and on a Sunday after New Years of all times! Incredible.

      Thank you for taking the time to create this video, it was helpful. After watching, I went to further investigate the issue I'm having here.

      The issue seems to occur mainly when trying to maintain diagonal/corner movements. I uploaded a video here:

      In the video I demonstrate the behavior with real joysticks vs emulated mouse joystick.

      The arcade stick with polygonal gauge easily maintains corner position in a sort of fixed way.
      The Dualshock with circular gauge maintains corner position well.
      However when attempting to maintain corners with the mouse's joystick emulation, it is a little difficult; In games, for me this translates to more leftward movement and less upward movement as well as constant repositioning of the mouse.

      Movement feels biased towards the horizontal, probably in part due to disorientation.

      I am unable to keep to a top-left direction, while maintaining mouse orientation.

      It appears this may be related to a strict virtual 'circular gauge' that reWASD may be using?

      I have not been able to work around this by adjusting response or sensitivity settings.

      Possible solutions:
      - A rectangular 'virtual gauge' that allows for easily reaching those corners?


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        We got your point now.

        The thing is, on your joystick, it is possible to make fully diagonal move, because this joystick was made for it.
        In reWASD we emulate virtual sticks (Xbox 360\One and DualShock 4), so gamepad emulated on mouse will always be using the same type of output as physical gamepads (the one I mentioned previously) and they always do not go strict to the corner as your joystick.

        It can be fixed only with our support for virtual joysticks of this type. Same issue for users who are playing flight simulators and have joysticks for them.

        It is not any bug or glitch, it is just not possible for now.


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          I see;

          Although a fully diagonal move may be my ideal, I was able to sufficiently approach and maintain diagonal limits while using Dualshock 4 via reWASD;
          This leads me to believe the mouse is also approaching the diagonal limits sufficiently enough;
          It seems like the mouse joystick emulation can reach but not maintain these diagonal limit positions,
          even while the DS4 via reWASD can maintain these positions consistently;

          --- I think I see why this is happening ---

          Demonstrating what may be the actual issue in this video:

          Moving towards the top left from the top position, pushes the cursor downward when brushing along the corner.
          This pushing causes some disorientation; have to reposition the mouse constantly.

          Any way to have the cursor maintain the top/top-left positions without being pushed downward?


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            * The pushing also registers unintentional downward movement


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              Most games do not detect anything that goes beyond the "perfect circle", so reWASD also creates a perfect circle for the virtual gamepad.

              I am not sure if the square diagonal will change anything in your game too.

              Still, we have got a few similar requests already, so we will add a kind of "square deadzone" like it is usually called in one of the next releases, and we hope it will do the trick for you


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                "Square deadzone", that sounds like it might do the trick.

                Thanks for the support fellas, takes a special kind of talented people to maintain this cool app, and to read through my gibberish!

                I will await your reWASD updates and post feedback.

                reWASD is great! Cheers!


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                  Thanks for the suggestions! Your feedback also makes reWASD better :satisfied:


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                    You guys did it! Virtual controller settings > "Make the stick square ("barrel" effect) !!

                    I just noticed! I'm going to give this a good try. If this works as expected, I'll be so psyched.