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Ability to hide physical controller from specific games, but not entirely.

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  • Ability to hide physical controller from specific games, but not entirely.

    As someone who records a lot of controller on pc gameplay, I like recording with a controller overlay such as gamepad viewer. The issue is that when I'm playing a game where I have to hide physical controller in order for it to work properly, it's also hidden from gamepad viewer so I can't record gameplay with the controller overlay. If this is even possible it would be nice to have an option to only hide the physical controller only from the game itself, so that I can play without issues while gamepad viewer can still see the controller and I can record with the controller overlay.

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    When you hide your physical controller, all the buttons pressed on it are send to the virtual controller. Any gamepad tester/viewer should detect it. So basically all the things you do on a physical controller are duplicated on the virtual one. Does your overlay see it? Could you record the virtual input instead of the physical one?

    The games are way too slow with detecting new controllers, especially during the play. We have decided to hide the controllers completely from the system to be sure that each game recognizes the virtual controller properly. I am not sure if there is any way to make it hidden from a particular game only unfortunately.


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      I believe your problem depends on the game you play.


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        You're going to want to look into something called HIDGuardian. It allows you to hide controller input on a per-app basis. White Knight is probably the easiest way to install and use HIDGuardian. However, I'm not sure how this works with or against reWASD. I've only used this in the past with programs like JoyShockMapper to hide the controller input from the game while still able to remap the controller in the profiler software. There shouldn't be a problem but I haven't actually used it so I can't guarantee.


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          Thanks for the suggestion, it is definitely worth trying.

          Frankly speaking, we do not recommend using this driver, because it causes issues with the controller detection pretty often, but it may be just our opinion In many other cases, it works good and is used by several other mappers and services.