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  • Lightbar "passthrough"

    Hi. First of all, thanks for your software, it's amazing. But I only have one drawback:

    I'm using my Dualsense emulating a Dualshock 4. Every option works as intended, touchpad, gyro, rumble... except the lightbar.
    I explain, a lot of PC games have native DS4 support, including lightbar support. For example, when health is low, the light is red, and when you heal the light returns to green.

    However, with reWASD I can only use the lightbar with the modes offered by the software itself, instead of using the native game support. For example DS4Windows has this option, it is called "Lightbar Passthru". I don't know if it is very difficult to implement but I think it would be the only thing missing to have a perfect emulation of a Dualshock 4. So as a suggestion I ask you if you can try adding it.

    Thanks, and sorry for my English. It is not my native language.

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    Thank you for the suggestion, pretty interesting one. Could you please give me the names of games you want to use it with? As far as I know, not all of them support the lightbar fully. We will definitely take a look and see what is possible to do.


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      I know Destiny 2 and Days Gone does. According to a Reddit post AC Unity, Dying Light, and Transistor do as well - take that with a grain of salt of course. Another source is the PCGamingWiki Page.


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        Thanks for the info, it will definitely help!


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          The Witcher 3 does. When you use signs, for example "Igni" lightbar turns red.

          And if you use PS Remote Play to play your PS4 on your PC, you have full Dualshock 4 support like if you were playing on the PS4.


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            Thank you for the details. We will definitely check it. Not sure about when we are ready to release this functionality, but it is added to our to-do list, so stay tuned