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  • iPega PG-9116 support

    Hello, I have bought iPega PG-9116 one year ago hoping that I will be able to connect to one device my gaming keyboard and mouse and iPega will allow me to connect them to other devices via bluetooth. Unfortunately, this gaming device works only on Android with special application. I was not much satisfied with this. And when device is connected via Bluetooth to PC is not reacting at all. But I saw that you have added support to my other iPega gamepad, so maybe with this device you will be able to do some magic too.
    • It is for sure possible to catch mouse signal via bluetooth. If it is possible to catch raw signal - wonderful, if emulated as left stick, not a big problem, because reWASD is letting assign it back to control mouse. For Keyboard android application is letting to remap majoriy of keys, so I think it can work properly too. Plan of changing connected device via blutooth will work - only requires reWASD applications installed on both or more computers. Great!
    • Second thing is that I am afraid that sooner or later, device will stop working properly (application will stop being supported). Here reWASD can give this device new life on PC or through PC (sending signals to oher devices).
    Bluetooth driver looks the same like other iPegas - Standard Microsoft's Input. Gaming, but unfortunately application is not seeing this device (like it is with my iPega PG-9083S).
    Maybe it is not the most important gaming controller, but it is for sure useful for using one gaming mouse and keyboard on few computers.

    Click image for larger version

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    It doesn't seem to be a gamepad. It is called "converter" and seem to require additional software to be used on smartphones. Given that it does nothing when connected to PC, there is a very low chance of us supporting it.

    Anyway, we will still need some connection logs to be sure, so please do the following:
    1. Unplug/unpair all physical controllers.
    2. Open reWASD as Administrator.
    3. Open 'Preferences > General' and click 'StartLog' button.
    4. Connect/pair only the device in question and wait few seconds.
    5. Open 'Preferences > General' again and click 'StopLog' button.
    6. Send us an archive to investigate logs.