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Analog stick to WASD PWM functionality

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  • Analog stick to WASD PWM functionality

    Hello everyone,

    I've been using reWASD for a while and really liking the features.

    Something I feel is missing though is mapping analog stick functionality to digital keys, such as WASD. There has been some discussion a couple of years ago about such features coming "in the future" so I thought I'd ask if this is still something that would be implemented eventually, or dismissed?

    Relevant posts to similar topics in the past:

    So the idea being, that using PWM (or similar method) to map analog sticks to WASD without losing the analog functionality of the stick: different deflections would have different "amount" of button press. Perhaps this isn't something that can be implemented and has thus been dismissed, but if it is still on the list of upcoming features, is there any estimate as to when we might expect this to be implemented?

    Thank you!

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    Hello there!

    Features mentioned in articles are not dismissed, we have tasks on implementing these features in the future versions of reWASD, just for now, our resources are concentrated on the highest-demanding tasks.

    These features are not forgotten, just kindly asking for the additional time.


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      And that's entirely fair enough, I was just wondering whether it is still an upcoming feature (and when might we expect it to be implemented?). Thanks.


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        It is still an upcoming feature