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Remapping keyboard buttons to a certain percentage of analogue stick tilt

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  • Remapping keyboard buttons to a certain percentage of analogue stick tilt

    Dear ReWASD staff,

    First, I'd like to thank you for this wonderful product and your continued support, assistance and tolerance, wishing every one of you wonderful, happy days, second, I have noticed a lack of customizing the percentage of the stick tilt percentage in normal remapping while it is present in the combo option, and yes I am aware and have tried the virtual controller settings (the xbox button looking icon), but I do think that it is much handier if we were to have it in normal remapping,

    Attached below is an example of what it could be like.
    Best regards and wishes,
    Click image for larger version

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    Hello there, and thank you for the suggestion.

    Still, it is a bit unclear for me, if you want to add some particular stick deflection, it is already possible to do so under the key combo section of the mapping itself. Also, it is 'handy' as you can combine 2 deflections together with a press of one key. And for that, you should still use the key combo editor.

    It will be definitely reviewed by our team, just wanted to share my own logic in for that case


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      Hello sir wookie!

      I apologize if it is unclear, I'm gonna try my best to explain it, in the normal mapping, as in one button mapping (not combo), you only have the option to set which direction of the stick you want to map only, not the percentage of the tilt, even though it is available in the combo option, I am aware that I can customize that through the virtual controller options, but I think that adding the ability to customize the percentage of the tilt is much simpler and handier, especially for idiots like me .

      A game example would be Super Smash Bros., in that game if you tilt your left analogue stick 100% to the right, the character will run/sprint, whereas if you tilt it less, it will walk instead, this also changes the type of attack that comes out, so what I want to do is for example, in shift 0, I want to remap my d to the right direction on the left analogue stick and have it tilt 50% so that the character walks, but in shift 1 have it to 100% tilt so that the character runs/sprints.

      I hope I was able to make it clear this time, and I am sorry if I have failed to do so.

      Again, thank you for this wonderful product and your hard work.


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        Pleasure to meet you YamiNoZero

        Our variant the mapping implementing is a direction for the mapping. In our case, the virtual controller mapping emulates not the immediate full stick deflection (like in a digital mapping), but a continuous one (the analogue movement). Even if you map the stick to a non-analogue button, such as the X button, the movement of the stick will be continuous, depending on settings you selected in the virtual controller settings. Such behavior is reWASD's default one, and it is a much popular option than the one you described.

        The option you described is actually possible already, just not directly via the mapping setting but by adding it via the key combo editor.
        And the reason we implemented it that way is to not overload the user interface of our software.
        The suggestion is accepted, we have noted it, but regretfully, we cannot 100% guarantee that such implementation of stick deflection mapping will be added to reWASD functionality.


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          Sir wookiepediologist,

          Thanks for the reply, I understand and appreciate your explanation!
          Again, thank you and the staff for your hard work, friendly support and dedication!

          Apologies for the late reply, regards,


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            We are always glad to help!