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Potentially big oversight concerning the "Combo" Feature?

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  • Potentially big oversight concerning the "Combo" Feature?

    Hello everyone,

    now this is something that's been on my mind for YEARS now ever since I first started using reWASD. It's been bothering me ever since, but I've always been too lazy to ask it on the forums.

    Thing is, unless I'm missing out on something, Combos in their current implementation are almost useless for the majority of games. For example, I have a relatively long combo for a powerful move, so the execution takes like 5 seconds (which is a long time in a fast paced action game). Right now, I can configure that Combo just perfectly in reWASD, so when I hit the button, the combo will execute in all its glory- at least in theory. However, in practice it is most often not feasible to execute the entire combo. Many games are fast and action packed and depend not only on your input, but whatever else is happening on screen. So once I execute that glorious 5 second Combo, there's no way out. Usually what will happen is people will (more often than not) get hit during the combo, which will interrupt it inside the game, yet reWASD will attempt to execute the entire thing and make it impossible to control your character. Now, I realize you can interrupt combo execution by pressing RB+LB+Select+Start, but that is just very clunky. Also imagine this: in many cases in lots of games you might start a powerful combo, but the moment you see someone is about to hit you, you will have but a SPLITSECOND to stop your combo and press the evasion button in order to not get hit. So you have a SPLITSECOND to do that in MANY games. There's no way you could press RB+LB+Select+Start and then hit that dodge button in time. So while in theory Combos do work with reWASD, they are pretty much unfeasible in practice with, dare I say, the vast majority of games. Now that is a MAJOR problem.

    And all the while, implementing a fix for this seems so.. simple? It would be as simple as creating an option that executes the Combo while the Button is held down. The moment you see an incoming strike or you get hit, you simply release the button used for triggering the combo. The moment you do that, Combo execution is aborted and reset to zero. So then you can freely dodge, take a healing potion, or whatever else you might need to do, all in a splitsecond. And the next time you hold down that Combo button again, the combo just starts over from the beginning.

    I'll admit I am baffled that no one else seems to have this problem, even though this is most certainly major. This is leading me to believe that I have indeed missed some functionality of reWASD.
    So, please, tell me I am wrong.. not being able to use the Combo Feature in practice is just so sad

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    It is already possible to execute a combo only while the remapped button is being held. Just add a huge pause at the end of your combo and enable [Turbo] flag for the mapping (you would need a [Rapid Fire] feature for that to work). You can also use the [Toggle] flag, but you will have to tap the remapped button to stop the combo even after it is "completed" (to avoid unnecessary repeat after last pause).


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      Wow, this is really working. Thank you so much, Shion!!

      But man, I gotta say, that is certainly not the behaviour I had expected out of Rapid Fire. I mean, normally a singular button press executes the entire combo script. And one would assume Rapid Fire is basically the same, with the only difference being that it's simulating the player pressing afformentioned button over and over again. So assume I turned off Rapid Fire and tried to do the "rapid firing" manually, that would mean pressing the button on my gamepad like crazy. But by doing that I would NOT actually get the same behaviour as what Rapid Fire ACTUALLY does. If I just manually rapidly kept pressing that button, the complete Combo script would always execute in its ENTIRETY and then just keep repeating in its entirety (I actually just went ahead and tried that for my own sanity's sake). So that's why this behaviour from reWASD's Rapid Fire is completely unexpected one would think, right?

      I am certainly grateful it's working like a charm now, but maybe this counter-intuitive behaviour from Rapid Fire should be explained a bit better within reWASD somehow?
      Anyways, thanks a bunch again!


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        Well, reWASD does have its quirks

        We'll consider making this "trick" more obvious in the future. For now we have it mentioned in our "Online Guide - Use cases" under #14.


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          Use case #14 would be:

          14. I want to Toggle a Turbo mapping
          Create the keycombo that consists of a mapping and a pause (like as if you would create a Turbo mapping). Then go Back to main mappings and pick Toggle.

          That is not what I wanted nor what I did? I did not want to toggle a turbo mapping.. you did say that the alternative solution to the turbo mapping was to use the toggle for people who didn't buy the upgrade, but.. that use case in the way it is phrased here does not seem very helpful at all tbh.. the use case would be "I want to be able to interrupt a combo mid-execution as fast as possible by letting go of the combo button".. now THAT would be helpful for someone searching that use case... but "I want to Toggle a Turbo mapping" just.. is not. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to understand and for everyone else this is just super obvious.. oh well, guess that can't be helped then


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            The use case we mentioned allows you to enable the continuous reproduction of the combo by pressing the button. Pressing the button again will make this combo stopped.

            The feature you described is related to the immediate combo disable as soon as you release the button. That feature is not implemented in reWASD.

            Still, the suggestion is noted, and as soon as such feature is implemented, we will let you know


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              Thank you for taking note of my suggestion!

              The feature you described is related to the immediate combo disable as soon as you release the button. That feature is not implemented in reWASD.
              This is confusing, but the feature is 100% already implemented. As Shion said, using Rapid Fire indeed allows me to simply release the button to immediately disable the combo within a splitsecond. Works 100% perfectly, been using it a lot already now and it's an absolute game changer. What you mean is probably that the feature does not exist "officially" right now and is therefore undocumented, I suppose?


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                No, this is not what I meant. In case of long combos, the combo should be repeating, since turbo ms pause is the pause between restarting the combo itself.

                The feature that I mentioned, is being able to set the combo in a following way:
                1. Combo is being reproduced only in case you hold the key (we can put the corresponding setting, to toggle between normal and hold option in the key combo editor, or by using the Hold activator).
                2. The combo stops immediately as soon as the corresponding key is released, all the remaining combo steps are stopped as well.


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                  Please never mind the last message, the turbo activation right now does exactly as you mentioned.


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                    It certainly helps to restore some portion of my sanity seeing as how even Admins on this forum are confused about this particular functionality
                    But yea, look at my second post, where I try to explain why this behaviour from Rapid Fire is so unexpected. Which is exactly why there should be some kind of hint within the application that tells users how it ACTUALLY works, so everyone can make use of that important feature to the fullest!


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                      Hey there!

                      Yep, that was an interesting point — thank you for your post. We will try to make this thing a bit more clear. Just give us some time


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                        Much appreciated, keep up the good work


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                          It could actually just be a separate option within the combo page added together with 'Hold until release' and 'Execute at once'. Just add 'Execute until release'. That would sort out the confusion.