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Additional Virtual controller for PCSX2

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  • Additional Virtual controller for PCSX2

    With Virtual DS3 mode now in place, we finally have a way to exposing pressure sensitive buttons to PS2 emulator PCSX2. This, however, needs libUSB as a driver for DS3.

    The problem of using libUSB for DS3 is you loose compatibility with PS3 emulator RPCS3 (as it does not support this mode ... instead it needs sixaxis driver). One can change driver between libUSB and sixaxis, but its not so easy and arguably more complicated than what we have now with DsHidMini.

    One solution is the ability to have separate Virtual DS3 - one with sixaxis driver and one with libUSB driver.

    Another solution is to have a new Virtual controller - just for PCSX2 that exposes DS3 controls through Direct Input (

    "Single Device with Force Feedback mode. In this mode, the controller is presented as one "almost"-DirectInput-compatible HID device with pressure sensitive features exposed as additional sliders. The rumble motors can be controlled via Force Feedback effects (Constant Force Effect). The advantage of this mode is a 100% compatibility with all unmodified versions of PCSX2 with the LilyPad gamepad plugin (shipped by default).

    The downside of this mode is, that the pressure axes exceed the limit of supported axes per device and therefore pressure sensitive axes will not be available in games using DirectInput. They will however work fine with any engine using the low level HID API instead."

    Nice thing about second method is you dont have to deal with libUSB, which can by quite difficult.

    PS. Some videos explaining second method

    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you for your suggestion.

    We will consider this for our future updates.


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      Thanks for your consideration.

      After playing around with Virtual DS3 both using [USB Input Device/libUSB] and [sixaxis] ... i think the best (and probably easiest) way is to provide two separate Virtual DS3 - one for PCSX2 and one for RPCS3 (this one can be used with Steam) ... then can easily set up rule to switch to correct Virtual DS3

      looks more elegant ... and does not require you to implement new DirectInput device like DsHidMini as I suggested in initial post


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        Yeah, tbh, using DsHidMini made me want to have Virtual DS3 controller in reWASD to be able easily change these modes as reWASD is changing config every time when you run different game. It looks like great idea. Recently I was playing with official PS3 driver, so I set that my DS3 controller do not have official driver on, but virtual DS3 is picking up official one. It is possible to play PCSX2 and RPCS3 in this way, but in this way I cannot play PS2 games with different controllers. In last week I have installed and uninstalled official driver more than 15 times on two PCs. I believe that there is easier way to manage this (maybe DsHidMini driver support?), but for not I am happy what we have received. Maybe soon support will improve.


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          Hi there, FlameMan and tij ! I just wanted to let you know, that our team had made some changes to PCSX2 emulator, and PCSX2 reWASD team edition should support DS3 gamepad with sixaxis driver. So reWASD's Virtual DS3 would also be supported with no problem
          I'd be glad to hear your thoughts about this if you decide to give it a try!


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            Tested with Stadia Controller and it works great! Virtual controller was immediately detected and pressure-sensitive buttons are working fine. I hope they will implement this soon in the official release. 1st October there will be a RetroAchievements update and we will be able to unlock achievements in PS2 games, I would not like to miss it. Having one (sixaxis) driver for both emulators is a great improvement in user experience. Thank you team!


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              Thanks for your feedback! We always strive for the best.