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Supporting the Logitech M720 Mouse

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  • Supporting the Logitech M720 Mouse

    The software does a fine job of mapping Mouse 1-5 but there is 1 extra thumb button and 2 wheel tilt buttons that can't be mapped with the generic mouse support. How can I help get this device supported?

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    Usually such buttons can be remapped using reWASD interaction with native G-hub software.
    The process is described in more detail here.
    However, specifically in the M720, there is no way to enable on-board memory. Therefore, unfortunately, it will not work to remap these buttons.​


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      Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that the buttons would be exposed enough to hijack without needed to install Logitech software. Since that's not the case I've installed Options+ but deny it any internet access and I guess this is working fine. Thanks for the quick response.


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        This technique doesn't work. Logitech Options+ is somehow surpassing reWASDs detection. I've tried the thumb buttons and the tilts but they always send the binding in Options+ rather than the bindings from reWASD. For example, I assigned Mouse 4 to 'F' in Options and then assigned 'F' to 'P' and muted the native input in reWASD for this device. I activated the reWASD profile, got the notification that it was active, but when I pressed Mouse 4 I still got 'F'.


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          reWASD currently recognizes key presses arriving from physical keyboards only. If this mouse has no onboard memory mode then most likely these presses are emulated via Logitech service as virtual keys and they are not visible to reWASD. To check what happens you can use ViewKeyCode application.


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            Yup, I totally missed that part of the previous message. Whoops 😅