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  • Button box buttons

    Hello, i dont know if it's possible to do but it would be cool if you could assign some device to use joystick buttons like button boxes sold online. Per say the buttons would be Joy1, Joy2, Joy3 etc.

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    Could you provide more details on your suggestion:
    • What button boxes are you talking about?
    • How do you want to remap these devices?


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      Hello, i am not talking about binding devices that are not supported by rewasd so far BUT, i am not sure i can describe it properly but there are button boxes, that are pretty much what the name sugests,(boxes that on one side contain x amount of buttons) max 32 buttons and each button is bound to a joystick command by default. they are essentially extra 32 buttons max that are not bound to any other devices pluged on pc example asdfg or ps4/xbox commands etc. I hope i explained it corrextly. now what i am talking about is pretty much binding a device example a table to these extra 32 commands. I hope i explained it correctly.


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        If you want to remap those button boxes, they must identify as one of the devices supported by reWASD.
        For example, if they can work in X-input mode, reWASD should recognize them as a Xbox 360/One controller.

        reWASD provides a Trial Period of 7 days for basic functions. Trial Period is activated automatically on the first start of the app.
        Feel free to test if your button boxes are supported.