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Stadia controller BT mode vibration

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  • Stadia controller BT mode vibration

    Now that the stadia controller's firmware can be updated to "Bluetooth mode", it is possible to use the controller wirelessly on a PC! ReWASD also works for remapping the controller or simulating a virtual Xbox controller such that the stadia controller can be used with virtually any game.

    However, the rumble/vibration does not work wirelessly. I don't know if this can be enabled by ReWASD or if it is an issue with the firmware, but if it is possible, it would be awesome to enable vibrations wirelessly through ReWASD!

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    We fully support the Stadia controller when connected via USB.

    Yes, by updating the firmware, the developers made it possible for Stadia to be detected in reWASD when connected wirelessly. However, there is nothing we can do on our end to make the vibration work correctly.
    Unfortunately, there is no fix for this issue.‚Äč


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      Stadia controller has HID output report on bluetooth same as on USB, and reWASD sends rumble to it.
      We have debugged it more thoroughly now and it turns out Bluetooth LE driver in Windows rejects output packets with 'invalid parameter' error and does not allow to send rumble to device.
      So it seems their firmware is not fully compatible with Windows (we have reports that rumble works on other operating systems though).