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DarkWalker ShotPad (aka IFYOO GTP01) improved support

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  • DarkWalker ShotPad (aka IFYOO GTP01) improved support

    Recently I saw video DarkWalker ShotPad Gyro Mod - Returnal and it seems that after Steam Controller and GameSir G5, touchpad controller fans have new gamepad to play - DarkWalker ShotPad (aka IFYOO GTP01). This one is already supported by reWASD, because it's visible as keyboard and mouse in gamepad GUI, but I think reWASD support can be better and with it's "magical wand" remapper can make this controller more user friendly.

    Features which can be added to unlock potential of this gamepad:
    • Steam Controller's Trackball mode. It will really upgrade controller's touchpad and make it more precise.
    • Emulate left stick on controller's digital stick the same like it is possible on keyboard. Pressing up is charging left stick up, pressing down is charging left stick down etc. Like it works already, but by default on controller's stick.
    • Make use of scroll wheel to let assign it to camera control (something like flick stick). Scrolling down can move camera clockwise 90° (or alternatively 45°) like 0°-90°-180°-270°-360°, scrolling up - anti-clockwise. Example: scrolling twice will let to move camera 180° and we can see what is happening behind character. Such feature can help with fast camera control in controllers which do not support flick sticks.
    • Analog triggers emulation for Mouse Right/Left Click buttons, like it works on reWASD Junior Mobile Controller. Pressing longer button is charging triggers press from 0% to 100%. Releasing, depends on configuration or reducing to 0% immediately, or slowly reducing from 100% to 0%.
    • Magical wand can remap virtual Xbox360 like this (just suggestion): stick to left stick, touchpad to right stick, d-pad to d-pad, Y as Start button, Esc as Back button, F as A, R as B, V as X, C as Y (as standard gamepad placement, but can be: R reload, C crouch, F interact, V melee attack),​ Mouse Right Click as LT, Mouse Left Click as RT, E as RB, Q as LB. Looks reasonable.
    These few ideas can improve controller support, so users will not have to pretend that they are configuring mouse and keyboard (which pretends DarkWalker ShotPad).

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    Thank you for your review. Guys from reWASD have already had their eye on this device