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  • Suggestion for a new input method

    Hello everyone.

    I have an idea new input method that combines the regular behavior of an analog stick with the behavior of a mouse.

    I'm currently working on a proof of concept in AutoHotKey and am trying my to read and add it to the source code of JoyShockMapper. The latter turns out to be quite a task as it requires programming skill I simply don't have yet.

    I would love for you to take a look at my idea and see, if it would be a fit for reWASD. While I would prefer a free and open source project and I must admit, I have never used reWASD myself, I am thankful for every way, I can make my vision a reality.

    The input method consists of:
    - Regular analog stick behavior (integrated stick movement)
    - Mouselike behavior with some caveats (proportional stick movement)
    - An edge push behavior that continues the mouselike movement, even when hitting maximum deflection

    Here some pseudocode:

    Also my AHK project (not as up to date as the pseudocode but is somewhat functioning) is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.

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    It looks like your idea makes sense. Our development team will check if it's possible to implement and how it might work in reWASD. We'll contact you if we need more information.

    Thanks for the suggestion



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      thanks for looking into it


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        Here is my progress at a prototype implementation in JSM.

        The stick resolution seems to be way lower. The absolute accuracy is negligible in this input method, accessing the full resolution of the stick is paramount on the other hand as it works as a mouse. JSM seems to give a way worse resolution than what I got in AutoHotKey.

        EDIT: The weird behavior I had in JSM, which I thought was a poor resolution, was actually because I missed that deadzones were already applied before. No front to them
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          Thanks for the suggestion and the information provided.


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            I've implemented it in JSM but for now with hard-coded settings. I might need some guidance uploading the source code and build. I've never used git before and I don't know how to upload it to github correctly.

   is my added code so far


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              managed to finally upload it with some help


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                I've come pretty far by now. It's pretty good already and my two testers both gave me very positive feedback on my implementation.