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  • GameSir T4 Kaleid support

    Hi, just ordered a GameSir T4 Kaleid and if it's anything like other Switch controllers it probably has an Xinput mode with analog triggers but no gyro, and a Switch mode with gyro but no analog triggers. Looking at the supported controller list I don't see this particular one but I do see that you support a different GameSir controller. I haven't purchased ReWASD yet but if you plan to add support for this controller (with UDP gyro server support) I will definitely buy it. FYI I imagine there will be some interest in this controller because it has high quality hall effect sticks and microswitch buttons. Thanks.

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    According to the user manual, I have found on GameSir T4 Pro, this controller has multiple modes. Try switching the controller to Switch Pro or X-input mode. In this case, it must be determined (except paddles).

    However, I cannot guarantee that the full support for this device will be added in future