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Ability to map stick deflection to absolute mouse position

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  • Ability to map stick deflection to absolute mouse position

    I would like an ability to map the stick position directly to a mouse position.

    Typically, that would just translate the stick position directly to a mouse position in a circle. But other shapes could be useful too, such as ellipse or rectangular, depending on use case.

    We'd need to be able to set the specific shape, its dimensions and center point. The stick response curves and deadzones should of course be respected for this as well.

    The normal behaviour would be that whatever position you hold the stick to, that is where the mouse will be position according to your settings. Keep the stick steady and the mouse stays steady. Let it go and it goes back to the center point.

    An alternative mode could be "no going backwards" - this would only allow you to push the mouse further away from the center point by increasing the stick deflection, but if you deflect the stick less, it won't go back closer to the center. Re-centering could then be triggered by letting go of the stick completely, or possibly through hotkeys or in macros. This alternative mode would probably require a bit more work to get right, but could be interesting for some special use-cases.

    These modes would be very useful for MMO or aRPG type games to make aiming abilities more intuitive. Translating stick deflection to a mouse speed/acceleration feels very "floaty" and is hard to control. Steam's Controller support already allows for some of what I described here, although I found it to behave buggy with certain screen resolutions/DPI settings and most importantly, it just doesn't work for some non-steam games, while reWASD just works all the time.

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    Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. Our team will take it into account, but we can't provide any promises about the implementation of these features for now.