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Allow Gyro Input to be Used as a Shortcut

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  • Allow Gyro Input to be Used as a Shortcut

    Currently, I see that I can use any physical button as an input for a shortcut, including a low/medium/high level of joysticks and analog triggers. I would like to also be able to use low/medium/high levels of gyroscope as an input for a shortcut, so that I can combine a certain level of gyro movement with another input. What I would like to accomplish with this is that a certain button is only pressed while the gyroscope is activated.

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    Your suggestion is noted. I cannot promise anything at the moment, but we will certainly consider it.


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      By integrating gyroscope movement as an input for shortcuts, you can create more immersive and interactive experiences for users, particularly in applications where motion control is relevant, such as gaming or augmented reality.‚Äč