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  • Web Interface ... for Steam Overlay

    Steam overlay allows web browser (it can even be pin down ... so when overlay is closed, web browser can still be displayed ... even transparency can be set)

    With that in mind ... it would be cool if rewasd has an web interface - basically rewasdApp but accessed through web browser

    That way can access rewasd functionality without leaving game ... and it will even work for games with exclusive fullscreen - so do not need hook (which some games might consider as cheating) as steam will be providing that hook

    I don't mind paying for this feature

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    Your suggestion has been moved to our dev team.

    Thank you for your active participation in reWASD


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      I hope you understand what I tried to say befor.

      Just few screenshot to show what I mean

      one screenshot shows browser in Steam overlay (imagine if can change slots, mapping, shift layers here ... or even edit mappings)

      Another screenshot shows browser pinned with Steam overlay off (you cannot use browser, but you can see it while gaming)... note that I set browser pin to be a bit transparent (can display some useful information here while gaming)

      All this is done in Batman: Arkham City ... that does not have borderless window mode ... so rewasd overlay normally dont show up here
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        Yeah, that's how I got it.