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  • Suggestions...

    Some suggestions I had for reWASD:
    1. Optional battery indicator for the systemtray icon; Shows the current battery level, pops up a system notification when the battery is almost dead (Win 10 popups already can appear in-game without issue).
    2. A global button combo to instantly turn off a wireless controller ala 'Chords' feature in Steam big picture.
    3. The ability to change and keep the system gamepad order. Many games do not pay any attention to the 'preferred device' selection, and the DS4 controller has an almost mystical ability to take over the #1 spot after some time. I realize the virtual controller solves this, but not everyone wants to use that feature.
    4. Other emulated gamepad support for the Virtual Controller beyond X360. If a game has native DS4 support, I want the correct buttons to show. If I have a DS3 controller, and the game has DS4 support, I want to be able to lie to the game that it's a DS4 controller.


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    Thank you for your ideas

    1. This one is already been discussed in our team, and we will add it for sure in one of the next versions.
    2. This one this also in our to-do list.
    3. Unfortunately, seems we won't help with this thing. System and games have a very different behavior while working with several connected controllers and lots of issues with the detecting order. We've decided to hide the physical controller from the system in order the virtual one works, because there is nothing we can do with this order, especially when talking about various game engines.
    4. We are up to something like this right now However, we are not going to offer you using the virtual DS4 if you have a real one. We will emulate the combos on your physical gamepad. Am I right you are going to use it for combos and toggle/turbo? Hope it'll be even better that the virtual gamepad


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      Thanks for the reply,

      1. Sweet.
      2. Sweet.
      3. Unfortunate.
      4. I'm less concerned about combos and more about games that support the DS4 with native button prompts. The virtual controller would be a good way to bypass the whole issue with my #3 point, plus be able to force a DS3 to be recognized as a DS4, and thus get the native DS button prompts. There are also many games that support DS4, but controllers aren't recognized correctly due to how they are connected to the PC (bluetooth, direct, PS dongle). Using a virtual controller approach would allow maximum compatibility through the virtual driver.


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        I agree with your point about the DS4 controls that may appear on DS3 with the virtual controller and that would be cool.

        However, not sure if I got you right about different ways of DS4 connection. You mean that some games do not detect DS4 while connected via Bluetooth and in the same time see it connected via cable? As far as I know, DS4 support is possible for games that analyze the DirectInput regardless of the connection type. It's a surprising info for me, so if you have the examples of such games, please share them, so we could test them from our side.

        And I'm not sure that virtual controller will fix the detecting order. Right now, we hide the physical controller once the virtual one is enabled. So there's only one controller in the system and that is why it is detected as primary one. Without the virtual controller, it is also the one the physical gamepad. The same will work with DS4 as for there won't be any additional gamepads created in the system.


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          Originally Posted by reWASDer View Post
          ...You mean that some games do not detect DS4 while connected via Bluetooth and in the same time see it connected via cable?
          Correct, and there is even differences with bluetooth vs PS dongle depending on the game. Because there is no official DS library support for Windows, many games use hack detection methods. For examples, Outcast: Second Contact supports DS prompts, but my DS4/PS Dongle combo is not recognized. Same for Mortal Kombat X. Some people using bluetooth connections can't get Destiny 2 to see their controllers as a DS4, but some can - it seems to depend on bluetooth chipset. Going to this page and searching any of those games Steam discussion forums with the term 'dualshock' will produce posts from people unable to get their controllers detected as DS4's. The answers vary of course, but the most common solution is, 'plug it in'.

          A virtual controller would not fix the detection order, but as you said, it hides other existing controllers. By having an option of 360 or a DS4 virtual controller, the game would use whichever ID was available - and the proper button prompts would appear. Additionally, virtual is the only way you could fool a game into seeing a DS3 controller as a DS4. Though different, the buttons are the same, and therefore, a desirable solution. Also, there is the subset of PS4 owners who are more familiar with the DS4 controller, and would be happy to fool a game into thinking their 360 controller is a DS4 if it produced DS4 button prompts.

          In case I haven't been clear, it's less about the controller just working in the game, and more about having the respective on-screen prompts - if the game supports it of course.


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            Thank you for information!

            We will try to find the solution for sure. Unfortunately, with all those DS particularities, it is truly hard to emulate its correct behavior. Will do everything that is possible


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              I appreciate the effort. I still believe adding a DS4 virtual controller with the most compatible hardware ID should (mostly) solve this issue, but it's your baby...


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                Originally Posted by Mobeeuz View Post
                I appreciate the effort. I still believe adding a DS4 virtual controller with the most compatible hardware ID should (mostly) solve this issue, but it's your baby...
                After a bit more investigation, we came to the conclusion that the virtual DS4 has some advantages over the physical one, so we are up to start developing it. It won't appear in the next reWASD version, but it will be released someday. Stay tuned!


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                  Great to hear, reWASD is shaping up to be the premier controller utility.


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                    Hey there!

                    We've released reWASD 5.1 today, and it covers your first and fourth suggestions. Virtual DS4 and colored battery icon in the system tray are added to this version together with other improvements and fixes. Would be great if you try it in action :satisfied:


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                      great, good suggestion