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    Hi there,

    I bought the $20 version for the extra features, but I am struggling to record a macro for hadouken, which is DOWN, DOWN+RIGHT, RIGHT, on the xbox controller.

    A huge part of my problem is that UP is added whenever I add down, and I cannot delete the up without deleting the down. How do I input a macro that is just DOWN, DOWN+RIGHT, RIGHT,?

    Also, the recording function isnt picking up my xbox one controller, only my keyboard.


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    Yes, you can't record the combo with controller buttons, but you can add it manually. That "Up" you get in the sequence is not "Up" on your controller. It marks that the button is released. Once you click the needed "D-Pad Down" icon at the bottom left, two nodes are added to the combo editor: "D-Pad Down down" and "D-Pad Down up". The first one means that the button is pressed (goes down) and the second one shows that the button is released (goes up).

    You can re-arrange "down" and "up" for each button to emulate the simultaneous or consistent button presses. You will need them both for your combo. So, here is the one I've created for you:

    Click image for larger version

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    I've also added short pauses between each press and set the duration for the pressed button.

    Here is the guide:
    • Press "Down" icon; press "Pause" icon from the toolbar. Set Pause to 10 ms and drag it between Down-down and Down-up. This combination means that we emulate the Down button that is held during 10 ms.
    • Add a pause before the next step.
    • Add "Down" and "Right" and re-arrange them. You need to get "Down-down Right-down" and then both up. I've added a short pause for this press too.
    • Add "Right" action similar to the "Down" added at first.
    I hope it will work for you. If you have more questions, I'm here to help.