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Scroll up and down animation issue

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  • Scroll up and down animation issue

    Hi. When i map scroll Up/ Down to the right stick for example, the movement feels "clunky". Is like when i hold the stick down, I can see the scroll "clicks" .Its like it hangs for a split, then continues. It is disturbing. And I already set the scroll speed to max from the profile option. The only time that is fluid is if i set the mouse speed and the scroll speed to maximum from the profile. Then i have another problem ofc...the mouse is too fast to control it with my left stick and also the scroll speed is pretty fast. Sorry about my English.
    Thank you.

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    Well, reWASD emulates original mouse wheel, and we compare real mouse scroll and scroll mapped with reWASD. No differences were found. Can you specify which games do you faced with this issue? Does mouse scroll act different in the game comparing with scroll Up/ Down mapped to the stick?

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      I am sorry I forgot to mention that my issue is with the standard web browsers, not with games. It doesn't matter if its chrome or edge . It seems that the scroll is tied to the mouse sensitivity and i like my mouse speed to be low, else is too fast and hard for me to control it with the stick. Here is an example i recorded.
      Thank You.


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        Thanks a lot for the video and details. Finally, we could reproduce this issue.

        We will try to fix it in the upcoming version that is scheduled to be released in the second half of June. Thank you very much for noticing and reporting about it


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          Thank you for the acknowledgement. Until is fixed i will use my older re-mapper software for the browsers. Hopefully it wont be a conflict if i run 2 re-mappers.
          On a second note, i don't know if it exists, I would like to be able to map a key or combo to a shortcut or running software. For example..i play a game and i forgot to start my discord. I remap The Guide button to start it ...easy and fast. I have this option on my other re-mapper, and i kinda miss it. Idk maybe its there but I couldn't find it.


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            There should be no problems with two remappers installed in your system. If you experience some issues, please let us know.

            reWASD doesn't allow you to map the exact application to the button right now (this functionality is coming soon, it's in our to-do list already), however, you can do the same with this trick:

            1. Go to the context menu of the app shortcut and choose Properties. On the Shortcut tab, add a few keys that will start it:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	44e0361e3b.jpg Views:	0 Size:	58.1 KB ID:	216726

            2. Map the same shortcut to controller button using Combo in Hold until release mode:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	e5b5ef26b3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.0 KB ID:	216727


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              Thank you for that info. Sadly it doesn't really work with non installed exe..on my part at least. For example... a trainer .
              So i wont open another thread..I gotta this a memory leak issue? My pc was on for more than 24 hrs.


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                1. Please specify details. Is it a separate file (if it isn't an execute file running the installed app) and how it open?

                2. Some details are appreciated either. What controller do you have? Was it plugged during with PC was ON, how it was connected, like wireless, cabled? Was any config applied? Was the GUI (main window) open all this time?
                Is this config related to some game\app and this game\app was active when your PC was ON?
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                  1. Take for example a trainer for The Witcher. There is only an install..I must create a shortcut to be able to add a key shortcut. . But when i create a shortcut, then i assign a shortcut like CTRL + ALT + L or anything, and test it , nothing happens. Is not reWasd s problem, it just doesn't work if i manually hit the combination.

                  2. I have Xbox One S controller. It is always wireless. There are multiple configs active..for desktop ,browser and games. No game was running. I didn't noticed the big Ram consumption only after i opened the task manager after i played Eso for like 10 minutes. My pc was working kinda slow.
                  I restarted my pc and ofc reWasd when i left for work this morning. Now i came home, i switched my controller On ... no game on just desktop and browser for 5 10 minutes.
                  This is what i have now ,and its increasing faster since i switched On my controller ( like 10 to 20 mb per minute):
                  Let me know if i can activate some log or something, if I can help.


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                    1. Hm, it seems to work with any .exe file. I've just downloaded Trainer for The Witcher. Then, unpacked it and created a shortcut (choosing Send to Desktop option in Explorer):

                    Then I've added the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Q) to this app shortcut from the Desktop. It is working both while pressing those three keys on the keyboard simultaneously and while adding them to a combo in reWASD. Could you please check one more time?

                    2. Thanks a lot for the details. We haven't experienced anything similar but will try to reproduce using your info. I would ask you to do one more thing to help us:
                    • Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD. You will find Profiles folder there. Please zip this one and send to me.
                    • Then please go to C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD and zip all the files and folders you see there and send it to me.
                    You may use address for file sharing if it is more convenient for you.
                    Those folders contain your configs and links between configs and associated apps, so nothing personal. I hope they will help us reproduce the memory leak from our side.


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                      1. That is what i did. It must be something with my Windows 10 that conflicts with it. Ill investigate more. Thank you for the help.
                      2. Sorry but I dont know which email address i should use... The text says but the mailto: is .I am guessing is the first. But I wanna be sure.


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                        The is the correct one. Strange that link leads to outlook mail with an incorrect email address (at least mine is outlook by default). It is better to start new mail and copy paste the correct address with requested configs.

                        Thank you
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                          I`ve sent the files via email. If i missed anythings, please let me know. Thank you.


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                            I got it, have already forwarded to our QA team. We will try to reproduce the problem and the way how to fix as soon as possible.

                            Thank you for your cooperation.
                            Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                              Hi any news regarding my memory leak issue? What I did since I wrote here...I reinstalled my Windows completely (fresh start with full partition clean) then i re imported my profiles after installing rewasd again. I don't think it helped. I'm still right now on 1.9 GB ram consumption.