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I'm a little confused about config vs slots, and how to use autodetect.

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  • I'm a little confused about config vs slots, and how to use autodetect.

    To be specific lets say I have 5 games that I want to have custom keybindings when opened, is this possible to set up? Or can I only have a max of 4? The guide here is why I ask. As it seems you have to bind a config to a slot, and I'm only seeing a max of 4 slots.

    Also is there a way to automatically disable rewasd for specific games? I'm coming from Controller Companion which disables when something is fullscreen. Thank you for the app, being able to unbind is excellent and is why I bought it.

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    4 Slots are intended to be used for 1 game. So, you may use up to 4 different configs in one app and switch among them while playing (customizable hotkeys are used for switching).

    There is no limits on how many games you may use with Autodetect. If you have only one config per game, you can set them all to be applied to the Slot 1. So, the steps are the following:
    1. Create a game (app) in reWASD, check Autodetect associated apps option and add *.exe files for the this game (some games have launchers or additional processes, it's better to add them all).
    2. Leave Slot 1 selected at the top-left corner of reWASD window and check Autodetect icon. You will see the note that this config will be applied to Slot 1.
    3. Add more games and repeat 1-2 steps.
    Once you open the associated game, the correspondent config will be applied.

    As for your second question, unfortunately we do not have the black-list for Autodetect but we have another option that seems to suit you best. In Preferences, check "Delete applied config on exit from the associated app" option. It will remove the applied config once you leave the game (once the game's window is not focused). So, if you associate reWASD with 5 games only, in all other apps, your controller will work as usual.


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      Cheers! Thank you for the quick response, I'll have to try this out today. I'm glad I can do more than 4, that's what I was worried about. Hope you have a nice day.