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SNES USB gamepad support

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  • reWASDer

    The controller you have should have a switcher between XInput and DirectInput modes. Seems that right now the controller appears to be in DirectInput that is not the best one for Windows. I would kindly ask you to enable XInpout and try again. There may be a physical toggle on the device's back or some key combination you may find in the official documentation.

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  • henrikp
    started a topic SNES USB gamepad support

    SNES USB gamepad support

    I have a device with a physical appearance like this: It registers as "usb gamepad" under Windows 10 control panel and all the 10 buttons and X & Y axis are working as intended with the test. USB details: USB\VID_0810&PID_E501
    The Dosbox button mapping is quite limited sadly, would love to remap buttons to keys with this controller. Everything is recognized as an axis over there :(