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Firing a key event on stick zone entry AND exit?

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  • Firing a key event on stick zone entry AND exit?

    Just bought the app last night, and had my mind blown. Don't know how I haven't seen this until now, but the possibilities seem endless. I was playing an MMO that I've played for years in a whole new way within minutes.

    There's one thing I can't figure out, though. Many games don't have a "hold to walk" mode, and I found the "Stick Low/Mid/High" settings for the analog stick.

    My problem is I want to walk in the "low" zone, but since that's not a push-to-hold scenario (in this case, it's the Num / key), it's toggling walk/run.

    In theory, what I want is similar to how the button mappings work---push Num/ on entry to the zone, and press it again on exit of the zone (so walking is toggled any time I move into or out of the "L stick low" zone).

    Is there something simple that I missed in trying to do this? I've tried putting a toggle at both low and mid ranges, but then it will sometimes end up backwards, where stick low=running, and stick high=walking, depending on the sequence of events that were fired when moving.

    Thanks for any info...again, brilliant app!

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    There are no toggle settings for the stick (zones including) unless it could digital controls for toggling, like D-pad (like map virtual stick to pad and create macro for certain percentage of the deflection emulating stick zone). But it would even more inconvenient as you need press D-pad button twice to reach high zone passing through the low one.

    No other toggled stick option come up. WIll check any possible option to make a toggle for analog movements but for now no toggle for the stick.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks, but I was thinking something more along the lines of a simple function to fire on a zone change event. Not pressing anything twice.

      For example, if the stick is in "Zone 0", and it moves into "Zone Low", we know there's a zone change, because you already have the logic in place for this.

      When it enters the zone, we tap the mapped key.

      When it leaves the zone (since you know it progressed to either Zone Mid or back to Center), we tap the same key, so it's not really a "toggle" option like the button maps, but just handling a zone change event with the same key on entry and exit.

      I understand it's not possible now, but having the option to assign a key on entry and exit would help the stick perform in games that do not contain a "hold to walk/sprint" button, but instead use a single key on the keyboard to toggle walk/run.

      Thanks again!