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  • Star-Lord

    Appreciated that you caught sight of our product, we try to assist you the best. First of all, the software has 14-days trial free to use and 3 days of each advanced feature (4 features that buy in addition or together as the full pack which is cheaper, btw).

    The is our blog where you may find different articles regarding reWASD using. The - some tones and tips of reWASD experience.

    Unfortunately, I didn't face with MIDI pad controllers as well as we don't have ones for testing, so I would recommend a trial at first. Of course, feel free if any questions come up.

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  • Potential new user with question

    For my needs I'm looking at mapping my keyboard and mouse to perform the tasks, instead of using a controller. I wasn't able to see any info in the main pages on that direction, but the capacity of the program is impressive, so finding out if it would serve my needs was important to me.

    I am looking to use my keyboard and mouse to play xbox games, and I know some are already capable, but not the ones I play. I am a longtime PC gamer and newer to consoles, and controllers just dont work for me. Plus I have arthritis in one of my hands from a couple broken bones, which causes my hand to stop functioning without pain caused by gripping the controller.

    I have a decent amount of IT background, and I am also experienced in MIDI devices for audio and video production. I've has an audio studio that operates professionally, and experience djing, both backgrounds 15yrs+. But I just want a simple tool for me to use when I use my xbox from my desktop setup via the xbox app for win10.

    If anyone can help clarify it would be appreciated, happy to give back too. Put info on some types of MIDI Beat Pad mapping tips. They work well beyond just the virtual Instrument function.