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  • Config file is not found

    Hi, im getting this error, and its stopping me from using the program, its the slot number 4, there is missing the file, but i dont know why, does not matter what profile i use, it still does it. i tried to restart, but still does it

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    It seems that the config that was applied previously is deleted now. In order to stop getting this messages, delete the non-existent files, please check the Slot switcher at the bottom of the main window and press "remove" icon when there are no files.

    If the problem persists, please visit "C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD" and remove all bin files you see there. Unfortunately, you will need to re-associate the configs with Slots for autodetect again, but you will be able to create the association correctly.


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      Thanks fore the help, tried to remove all bin files, but the problem still was there, so i tried to remove all files and folders, and that fix my problem Also i have filed up all 4 slots, and have 3 more games and programs i want to autodetect, Is there a way to get more slots ? And i just want to say its the most stable program i have used, not disconnected ones, very nice


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        Thanks for letting us know!

        Slots are used to apply several configs simultaneously, and the best way to use them is for a single one game.

        With autodetect, you can automatically apply up to 4 configs (one config per Slot) for each app you have.

        So, in your case, you can apply the configs for every game and app to let's say Slot one, and once you open this application, the config will be re-applied. Once you go to another app, you get a new config. There is no limit on how many games may be autodetected at all


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          Ohh i see, got it to work now, so much more spaces, thanks for a great software


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            Originally Posted by Christoffer2233 View Post
            Ohh i see, got it to work now, so much more spaces, thanks for a great software
            You are welcome and thanks for your kind words. Many more is yet to come :satisfied: