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hy do I have so many tray icons?

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  • hy do I have so many tray icons?

    I only have one controller attached (wired, not wireless)but.....Click image for larger version

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    Have you tried to restart reWASD tray agent to check whether the issue reproduces again?

    Also, can you open Preferences - TrayAgent - Adjust battery status and check what and how many devices are in the pop-down menu?
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      shows one 360 controller (which is WIRED not wireless) and yes that was after a reboot of the PC...they do not exit either (right click exit) main app will but not the little controller icons..


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        The icon shows the wired connection but it is truly strange that there are two of them, not one.
        Do you still see two battery icons after you exited tray agent and launched reWASD app again?


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          no, they disappear....and yes strange indeed that 2 are there....wait.. I changed a setting Click image for larger version

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          after ticking it and restarting only one icon shows up...thing is nothing that uses the controller is currently running...
          and just opening one that is in the profile, it just turned remap on, didn't load a new icon, so perhaps that was the issue...I dunno


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            miss read your question, they disappeard when I closed the app, 2 came back initially, I changed the setting and restarted then only one


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              "Remove applied config" option works with autodetect only it is pretty strange that is interferes with the battery icons.
              Great to know that it is OK after restart. Please let me know if the issue reproduces and if you find some steps that lead to it.