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Rewasd Not Seeing Connected Switch Pro Controller.

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  • Rewasd Not Seeing Connected Switch Pro Controller.

    Full Disclosure for Troubleshooting:

    A while ago I used Rewasd to create a virtual xbox 360 controller to enable my pro controller to support xinput. I remember that it created a problem for me because even when I disconnected the pro controller, the virtual controller stayed connected and it took the slot of player 1 for emulators etc. which made my actual xbox controller useless. I don't remember exactly how I was able to make the virtual controller disappear, but if I recall I deleted it from devices (under Bluetooth and Other Devices) in windows 10.

    Anyway, now I'm wanting to give the pro controller with Rewasd another shot, but while windows sees the Pro Controller, (wired USB for now) Rewasd itself doesn't see it. The controller is plugged in, registering in Windows, but when I open Rewasd it just tells me to "connect a controller". Did I mess something up? Any ideas on how to fix this? Also, while I'm at it, any idea how to have the virtual controller disappear when the Pro controller disconnects, assuming I can get this working?


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    The virtual controller creates when you add mappings to your physical gamepad and asks to hide the physical one from the system. As soon as the physical gamepad disconnected the virtual remove as well.
    Do you use the origin Switch Pro controller? reWASD supports origin controller only and won't detect if it's third-party controller looks like a Pro. How the controller is detected by the Windows?

    Please check updates for your current installed version and check the blacklist for hided devices if your version if the latest -

    Thank you in advance.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Such a nooby mistake! Everything else was in order, but Rewasd did have an update. When I updated it, it detected the Pro Controller immediately. Further, I setup the Pro as a virtual 360 controller, and the virtual controller connects and disconnects with the Pro now, which is perfect.

      Thanks for you help! Every now and then I forget the obvious.


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        Great! Thanks for letting us know that everything is OK now