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Mouse Directions mapped to Analog Sticks have inconsistent behavior

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  • Mouse Directions mapped to Analog Sticks have inconsistent behavior

    I'm fine tuning a configuration which has multiple "Shift" settings. On both "Shift 1" and "Shift 3" I've remapped the left analog stick to the mouse directionals with identical settings. When "Shift 1" is activated, the mouse moves smoothly with no hang ups. However, When "Shift 3" is activated, the mouse moves slower and hangs up when the analog stick is moved in a circular motion (It makes sort of a diamond or square pattern. I've attempted to adjust the mouse sensitivity and fiddled with the advanced settings, but noticed little to no improvement. I've attached the reWASD file for anyone who wants to test the issue on their end. Any assistance with rectifying this issue would be very much appreciated.
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    I figured out my problem. User error.


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      Thank you for letting us know, that the problem isn't actual. Apparently you figured it out that shortcuts were overlapping Shift #3 as the left trigger was used as Shift modifier as part of shortcuts. So, pressing RT turned on shift #1 where mappings were working correctly and the mouse was moving smooth but the left trigger pressed was duplicating shortcuts mapping, despite active shift #3.

      It's enough to change the shift modifier (any button that doesn't part of shortcuts) and the problem solved. Or remove shortcuts from the main as shift mappings are fully emulating the mouse.
      Don't worry! Be Happy!