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Cannot find where escape key is mapped

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  • Cannot find where escape key is mapped

    Note: I tried to edit my post, but found I couldn't. Then I found my post needed to be approved, which is presumably why I couldn't edit. So I closed that thread before it was approved and added the new stuff I found below.

    I'm using ReWASD to set up a Virtual Gamepad. Whenever I use the left stick, it inputs the escape key. This is frustrating because any dialog box that might be useful to resolve it closes...because I'm hitting the escape key. When I'm in ReWASD and push buttons to hot-swap to the dialog box to configure it, it's switching to 'Escape'. If I turn off Remap, the escape key input stops, but so does all other functionality for the virtual stick.

    The input works in- and out- of game, so it's not related to the controller itself, something is telling my computer that when the right stick is moved, to hit the escape key. It may be bound to the 'push stick'/L3 input, as this stick does not have a have the push feature (Wiimote Nunchuck), so maybe it's just reading it by default for some reason.

    Escape is bound by default ot the 'Desktop" profile (the list at the top-right) as L3/Left STick Push In. I cleared that and it didn't resolve the issue. I deleted all profiles except the one I want to use. Same issue.

    I don't have JoyToKey running, so it's not pulling something weird from a remapper like that. This is the configuration I'm using:

    If someone could at least rule out it's reWASD I can move on to trying something else.

    Edit: I finally figured out how to export a config to a 'file' (share it online hah) and opened it in Notepad ++. The word 'escape' or 'esc' only appears once, here:

      "macros": [
              "keyboard": {
                "buttonId": 1,
                "description": "DIK_ESCAPE"

    I could...just delete it from the file, but I really should just fix it the 'right' way. This is very simple, but I just dunno where to go to fix it. This is a pretty big app at first!

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    Thank you for your question.

    Please check the Advanced setting of the left stick. There is a DIK_ESCAPE button mapped for a high zone, that fires each time stick passes the high zone. Remove it and you get only directions mapping -
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      THANK YOU, good to go now!


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        Originally Posted by MyOhMyke View Post
        THANK YOU, good to go now!
        Have a great gaming experience :satisfied: