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  • PS4 Remote Play keyboard and mouse

    Hello Everybody!
    I want to play my ps4 games over ps4 romote play from my laptop and with keyboard and mouse.
    Because of this i came to reWASD and i'm able to map the keyboard keys to virtual ps4 controller keys.
    But i'm not able to use the mouse.
    The mouse is every time outside the remote play and i dont know where i can use ist "in game".
    On the reWASD main screen it will shown a Logitech mouse but i dont have that. If i chose this Logitech mouse i cant start the "remapping". Its not abel to change "remap is off" to
    "remap is on". This is only possible if i use "hid-compliant mouse". I think thats because its an Laptop, but i'm not sure.
    By using "hid-compliant mouse" i can remap keyboard and mouse and i can turn into "remap is on" and the keyboard work with remote play.

    I hope anyone can tell me whats the right way to use the mouse. Thank you very much!
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    Hello! Right now, reWASD allows you to remap the only digital keyboard and mouse buttons to the controller buttons. You won't be able to use your mouse as a stick in Remote Play but we are currently working on this feature and will release it in a few weeks. Stay tuned!
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thank you very much for the fast answer.
      I wait in joyful expectation


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        You're welcome.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          Hey there!

          New reWASD 5.2 is here, and it finally allows you to turn your mouse to a virtual stick.
          Tune Advanced mouse settings and Virtual controller settings to achieve the best performance.
          We are super-excited about this feature and hope to get some feedback from you!

          Please be sure that you have grouped your mouse & keyboard before you remapped them to the virtual DS4. In this case, both devices will be turned into a single controller Remote Play is waiting for.