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Problem with trigger LT Xbox elite controller

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  • Problem with trigger LT Xbox elite controller

    Hi guys
    First I would like to say that you come a long way with your software what can do and how easy is to use. Love the features but will be nice if you have updated tutorials on your website. I didn’t know that this forum existed and manual is poor. To the point. Two days ago for the first time your software crashed and didn’t open anymore. The was a message that reinstall again. I did and since then I noticed that there is problem with controller. First my Elite Dangerous setting stopped working and only responded to fully customized controller in rewasd. Secondly trigger LT keep pressing itself. I’m aware of the issue with elite controller so I assumed is broken. The thing is that it only work that way with rewasd being enabled (remap on) I tested online the controller and on Xbox app win10. There is more, for some reason it keep disconnecting self but at the same time Xbox app testing mode working perfectly.
    is that update? Do you know what happening? Can I install previous version (do you have link)?

    just couple more questions what are slot for? Can you send me link to topic on this forum if that easier? How you can use profiles from website, let say I downloaded elite profile but in game those mapping doesn’t match so what is the point?
    Please help

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    1. Trigger issue. I would check the config file first. It could be extra mapping for zones or an additional key combo -

    2. As for the problem that the controller keeps disconnecting, it's possible that you have set hotkeys for slot switching that are pressed randomly in the game and switch to the empty slot. Check the setting and uncheck unwanted slots if it isn't used or change the hotkeys to rarely used.

    3. This is a manual link where slot features described - where you may learn what slots are for and how it uses. By the way, the manual has a "Search" filed where you may type required requests, like slot and you get all results matching to the slot. Pretty useful.

    4. The Community provides custom lots of config for many games, but it has preview mode where you may check what mapping has the config before downloading. Of course, the downloaded config could be changed to your game setting or you can change the controls settings in the game if config provides a more convenient layout.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thank you for super quick reply and very useful information but and that is the big one.
      LT issue is not resolved. I decided to download 5.0 version, same issue. Just to check I installed similar software but nowhere good or easy to use but the problem did not exist anymore.
      I run the test (notepad and LT set as letter t and RT as letter y) next I pressed each trigger one after another.
      Below you can see copied result
      Rewasd ( tyttttytttttttttyttyttttyttttytttttttttttttttttttt tyttttyttytttttttt)
      another software (tytytytytytytytytytyt)
      clearly shows that is something wrong. I don’t know what and why? I rely on rewasd and I don’t want use any other but something is wrong and I can’t use anymore.
      LT is not only issue in PES 2020 I use one simple trick with paddle X pause 50 and A. That was working flawless but now 8/10 it doesn’t.

      Please help


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        It looks like you do press and hold the pressed trigger a bit longer, so that why mappings repeat multiple times. Usual press' release gives you a single down- up event. There are a couple of tricks that you could use:

        - There is a separate option that disables repeats, so to the Virtual Device (1) - Virtual keyboard repeat rate (2) and select "Do not repeat" option(3).

        - Using combo for a trigger that looks like this
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          It took me a moment to figure out this but I learned a lot. I managed to nearly resolve the issue. Thank you very much for your help


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            Thanks for letting us know!