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  • reWASDer
    You can switch between slots using the hotkey. It should consist of three controller buttons, but with the new version, we will add the ability to adjust a two-button hotkey.
    Please visit Preferences -> Slots tab to set the hotkeys you want.

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  • marc_bb
    I am using XBOX Elite Controller Series 2. I know it's not officially supported yet, but it's at least recognized as a normal XBOX Controller.
    I do not have a different config. Only one config which is the default, Desktop profile.
    I read something on reWASD facebook about having only one profile.... I just wondered if there's other way without creating another profile and add different apps every time I start a new game.
    Having an empty slot is definitely one solution. I will try it. Though now I wonder, if there's a way to map switching slots function on a controller button?

    Thank you for your reply. Hope you have a nice day, Star-Lord!

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  • Star-Lord

    1. Do you try to use XBOX Elite Controller Series 2? As reWASD doesn't support Xbox Elite ver. 2 officially, so some artifacts may occur. However, we checked the "Remove applied config from the slot on exit from the associated app'" option and it works in full. In your case, as I understood the game sees a Desktop config only. But you have a different config for a game, do you?
    Please, check the associated apps added to the Desktop config, are there any processes related to the game including any steam processes?

    What game do you play?

    'Ctrl+Alt+Del' is available only for a physical keyboard which turns remap off completely for all the configs applied in the system regardless of the device type. There is no such combination for gamepad but, you may switch to empty slot to top current mappings

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  • marc_bb
    started a topic Regarding Desktop config

    Regarding Desktop config

    Hello. I'm currently testing out reWASD after purchasing an XBOX Elite Controller Series 2.
    I usually use my XBOX controllers to navigate Desktop while it's being streamed to the TV. (Mostly to browse the Internet or remotely control Media apps.)
    I configured my Desktop profile which was the default profile to navigate the Desktop screen. Like, I can control my mouse movement with L Stick and scroll webpages with R Stick now.

    However, I want to use the native controller features when I start to play games until I make another profile to use for those games.
    While the B button is currently mapped to execute mouse-right-click on my Desktop, B button cancels things in most games.
    I want it to work as a cancel button when playing games, not right-click. But, it seems even without having included games in 'associated apps' on my Desktop profile, the profile still remains to work in games.

    Is there any way to exclude games from the Desktop profile? Or make it only work with designated apps?
    (I tried the 'Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app', but it doesn't seem work in my way.)

    Also, can I turn on/off remap with only the controller?
    I know I can press 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' on a physical keyboard, or press Remap on/off with a physical mouse, but I hope there are other ways to do so with controllers. (Plus, 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' makes Windows Security Screen appear....)

    I tried to check if someone's already asked about this problem, but I could find only one discussion relatively similar to this(, and there was no solution.

    Sorry if this is a noob question.