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Newbie mistake I'm sure but my mapped buttons are randomly changing !

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  • Newbie mistake I'm sure but my mapped buttons are randomly changing !


    I'm sure I am making a silly mistake but I've had a look around and I can't find what I'm doing wrong.

    I have an xbox elite controller on which I only want to remap the four paddles (for now), to A,D,I,K on the keyboard. I want to use the rest of the pad as usual xbox inputs.

    I have unmapped them all from gamepad inputs and mapped them to what I want and sometimes it works but other times it remaps them to random keys (strangely enough, usually the D keyboard key), also it will often map various points on the right stick, also usually to the D keyboard key and sometimes it'll do it to one of the triggers too...

    I have unmapped all that I can, I press save or apply, it seems to save but then i'll go back and there will be random mappings all over the place.

    Please help !

    Thank you,


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    Please check the config you use. There may be a chance that you have added some unnecessary actions instead of the ones you need.
    reWASD hooks the keyboard keys and adds them to mappings when the mapping frame is opened. So the mistake is quite possible.
    Maybe it is better to start over and create a new config to be sure that nothing random appears in the config.