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How to switch profiles with an xbox one elite gamepad

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  • How to switch profiles with an xbox one elite gamepad

    Hi everyone,

    I bought all the functions of the rewasd software and I use it with an xbox one elite gamepad. I would like to create two profiles / configs for the same game. For exemple, when I'm fighting I use the configs 1 and when I do lifeskills I use the configs 2. On the xbox one elite gamepad, there is a switch button in the middle (with 1 and 2) which normaly allow you to switch from one config to another. But in the Rewasd software, it's seems like this button do not work.

    So I would like to know how can I use this function on the rewasd software. For now, every time I want to switch from one config to another, I have to exit the game, go to the rewasd software and clic on the other config and apply. I realy want to be able to do so in my game, just with my gamepad, like we normaly do with that switch button. How could I do so ?

    Thanks everyone to your help and good night

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    Thank you for your report.

    1. ReWASd supports Xbox One Elite switcher. There is a slider for Elite ver.1 switching first and second profiles so, you can map a config for 1st slider position, second config for 2nd position and switch between them. Please, check whether configs are in the slots.
    Beside reWASD provides Slots features (3 days trial version is available) where 4 slots are provided and you may switch between them using shortcuts, more detailed this link

    2. I would also recommend acquainting with shift mode, which is sort of overlay allowing you to use different mapping sets withing single config (like fighting is one shift, driving is another one). Each of them is assigned to the Shift modifier and while you press and hold, or toggle that button, the overlay with other mapping is active.
    You may also check the online tutorial of the feature.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!