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Question about key combo.

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  • Question about key combo.

    Hello. I've been using XPadder for a long time and for various reasons I've decided to switch to ReWASD. I was wondering if it's possible to do something like the following in ReWASD.
    I want to trigger a keyboard press when I for example do this with my XBOX One Controller:
    Hold left button and press left stick.
    I have managed to make a key combo that will trigger when I press left button and left stick together at the same time. But I can't get it to work if I hold the left button while pressing the left stick.
    Is this possible?

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    As far as I understood, you need to use the shift mode. Shift mode is a kind new overlay with separate mappings. So, the left button sets as a shift modifier that turns an overlay on while pressed.
    Once pressed left button mapped stick press is active to use. More detailed about shift mode this link.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thank you very much. I have a few things that I have managed to achieve with XPadder and I'm hoping I can do the same things with ReWASD. With your help I managed to achive the first one which was to control the mouse cursor with the right stick and at the same time keeping the right mouse button held down. I wanted this to only be possiblle while holding the left button and shift mode worked like a charm. Now here's the second thing I want to do.

      Hold left button-click left stick-release left button.

      I want this to take me to a new "shift" where I will be able to control the mouse cursor with the right stick. And then I want the same button combo to take me back to the original mapping. I though I could do this by usig a shift modifier "click left stick" only when I'm currently in shift 1 but I noticed that it doesn't work that way. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to do here. Thank you for this awesome piece of software.


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        So, you don't want to hold a button all the time being in a shift. If so, you may toggle the shit modifier. One press - release of the button - you inside the shift with a right stick mouse cursor, press-release again and you back to the original button
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          Thanks for your reply. That is kind of what I want to do. I want to toggle to a new shift py pressing the left stick. But I only want that to be possible when I'm also holding down the left button so I won't toggle between shifts every time I press the left stick. I'll copy and paste what I wrote in another forum when I made my XPadder profile for the Wii U emulator Cemu,
          1. Hold left button - press left stick - release left button.
          This will let you control the mouse cursor with the right stick and do a left mouse click by pressing the left stick.
          Repeat button combination to turn the function off.

          2. Hold left button - press right stick- release left button.
          This will do the same thing and also switch to gamepad view.

          3. While holding the left button, you can do gyro controls with the right stick.

          1. I have kind of achieved this by using slots. Slot 2 is activated by pressing left button and left stick together. Am I right to assume that it's not possible right now to "Repeat button combination to turn the function off."? I think it would be super great if you could add a checkbox setting that will "return to original mapping if the same slot shortcut is pressed twice".

          2. I don't know how to do this one. It's basically the same as #1 but I also need TAB key to be pressed when entering this slot.

          3. I have done this using "shift 1".

          Thank you for your time.


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            Since I wasn't allowed to edit my above post, I'll just post a new one.

            Since you are able to map the XBOX button with ReWASD (This doesn't work with anything else I've tried) I just used that to toggle between TV and Gamepad screens on the emu. Then I just made a shift that will let me control the mouse cursor and do left mouse clicks while I'm holding down LB and control the gyro while holding down RB. No need to use any slots. Problem solved. Thanks again.


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              Sorry for the late response. Glad the issue has been solved!
              Don't worry! Be Happy!