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Having trouble figuring out the right sens curve in advanced settings for Fortnite

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  • Having trouble figuring out the right sens curve in advanced settings for Fortnite

    Hey all, recently bought the reWASD and for the past week i have been trying to get the perfect or as CLOSE as possible controller movements ON a mouse but have had NO LUCK

    I'm tried messing around in advanced settings and even tried custom option but i'm not to familar with what it does hence i can't get the best movements. Also tried few configs people posted and they are not doing it.

    I really like this program, so i was wondering, if anyone more skilled then me or one of the developers wouldn't mind showing me a picture of a GOOD response curve for my sens that emulates mouse movement as much as possible without being too fast or too slow. (one issue i notice is when i do 180 degree turns with the mouse, it SLOWS DOWN alotttt).

    My dpi : 400
    My ingame sense on pc : 0.14x, .014y

    If anyone can make a response curve that closely remsembles that, i woud be really grateful. Thank you all!

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    Thank you for your question.

    There are main settings used to tune your mouse. They are different for each mouse, so it's hard to tell what should you change exactly:
    1. The deflection settings
    2. Advanced mouse settings here
    3. Also, if you use a gaming mouse, you may need to tweak the mouse sensitivity in the native software.

    As for the sharp turn, you may set a combo that allows turning 180 or 360 degrees - But it requires to b mapped on a separate control or you may use activators (double, triple).

    And one more thing, don't forget to visit our community where you may find configs dedicated to mouse _ keyboard -
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Hey there!

      Recently, one of our users shared the video that explains a bit more in-game settings that help mouse move smoother. It may be useful too.