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Double Press Issue on Left Trigger

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  • Double Press Issue on Left Trigger

    I have a binding on both Single Press and Double Press on my Left Trigger. The Single Press works perfectly. As soon as I engage the Double Press though, it seems to permanently take over as the only binding. From then on both the Single and the Double Press active the binding on the Double Press. It's almost like it's getting stuck in the Double Press state. If I go back into reWASD and remove the Double Press and then re-bind it then the Single Press binding works again, but only until I activate the Double Press and then it gets stuck again.

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    Hello! Which mappings do you assign to Single and Double press? Do you have any other ones for this trigger?


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      I have Mouse Wheel Down on Single and Mouse Wheel Up on Double. I don't have any other bindings assigned to this trigger.


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        Got it, indeed, analog movements are working unexpectedly on triggers. Thank you for your report, we will try to fix it in one of the upcoming versions.