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Axis Range Missing from Joystick's Advanced Settings in Shifts

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  • Axis Range Missing from Joystick's Advanced Settings in Shifts

    As the title suggests, the sliders for a Joystick's Axis Ranges only appears in the Main Configuration, not in any of the Shift Layers. Is this intentional? It seems like a huge oversight given that I could be shifting a joystick to any function yet I'm more restricted in how I can use it. I'm wanting to shift a stick into a weapon selector for 4 weapons so I don't need the diagonals at all but I can't change the Ranges to emphasize the cardinal directions in reWASD's current version.

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    Due to some architectural restrictions, it is impossible to change the axes range inside shift configuration, sorry.
    Still, you can try to do what is needed using shortcuts in the shift.

    You will need to do something like this:
    1. Go to Shift
    2. Switch to Shortcuts
    3. Add Diagonal movements as a shortcut (you will need all of them, there's only one as an example on my screenshot)
    4. Map it to the command you need to be reproduced both on the normal and diagonal movement

    Click image for larger version  Name:	d33a02a5c7.jpg Views:	0 Size:	40.1 KB ID:	218173

    I hope it will help!


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      Thanks for the quick reply. The answer is a bit disappointing but I understand. You guys have added a ton of features ever since reWASD launched and it's impossible to lay the groundwork to be completely future proof. I'd love to see a future update where the foundation was rebuilt to accommodate newer features but I also understand just how much of an undertaking that is.

      And thanks for the little shortcut workaround. It isn't perfect but I can end up with 4 distinct zones on the stick, even if it is a little lopsided.


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        Thanks a lot for understanding. I hope we will be able to extend reWASD functionality even more to achieve many other things