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  • Questions on macro usage

    Hello there, I’ve been looking into purchasing rewasd for a while but have a question id like to ask before doing so. Is it possible to start a macro sequence with a multibutton hotkeys? What I’m trying to accomplish is creating multiple macro keys that require a double button hotkey. For example, on an Xbox One Controller I would press Select + A and it would play a macro I set, or Select + B and it would play another. The game I’m trying to get macros in requires that I have full functionality with default Xbox controls, so I can’t use a singular button as a hotkey. Is multiple button hotkeys possible with reWASD, or does the program only support singular button Macros support?

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    Thank you for your report.

    You may do it with Shortcut feature - So, you pick 2 or more buttons and assign the required key Combo -
    Visit the online manual link to learn more details.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!