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Xbox Elite series 2: can't unmap Bluetooth button

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  • Xbox Elite series 2: can't unmap Bluetooth button

    Hi, I recently upgraded from the Elite Series 1 to the Elite series 2, but i'm having an issue:

    When using the Elite series 1 connected with cord I was able to create a config that totally unmapped the Xbox button and I was able to use it as a normal input and shift key (I could hold it down indefinitely without the native function firing off)
    Now, with the Elite Series 2 i'm unable to replicate the same setup because the Xbox button which activates/deactivates the bluetooth/wireless connection fires off after holding it down for a prolonged time (~10 seconds). This causes the controller to be "disconnected" from the computer each time as it tries to connect wirelessly.

    So I was wondering if there's a way to 100% totally disable the function of the Xbox button (basically turning it into another available button input to use like other buttons)? Additionally, can this be achieved while using the controller and ReWASD wirelessly? If I have to disable ReWASD in order to regain the functionality of the bluetooth button then I'm fine with that...

    - I'm using the same config/profile as I did with the Elite Series 1
    - In the config, I verified the Xbox button is set to UNMAPPED in both the normal phase layout and the shift phase layout
    - I've tried this with both my BT receiver and the Xbox Wireless USB receiver disconnected from my system however the result is the same, the controller disconnects after holding the Xbox button down for around 10 seconds
    - Everything else seems to work fine and as intended, from what I can tell

    Thank you in advance for any response or feedback, I really appreciate this application and the support it receives.

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    Unfortunately, Xbox Elite Series 2 works a bit different, so some features you get used to with the previous version won't be the same anymore.

    But the Shift modifier in reWASD should work the same. You just need to Unmap it in reWASD, so the native behavior is not interrupting the Shift layout anymore.
    Could you please try it?


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      Yes as stated above, it works as a shift modifier....up until the controller disconnects from the computer due to holding the Xbox button too long.

      Are you saying there's currently no way around this?


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        Xbox button switches the controller off regardless of mappings, unfortunately.
        The same behavior is for Xbox Elite 1.

        I think the best workaround in this case is to use Toggle for your Shift modifier. You will need to press Xbox button once to go to the shift layout, and to press the same button one more time to return to the main configuration.


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          "I think the best workaround in this case is to use Toggle for your Shift modifier"
          Thanks but that won't really work for what I'm doing because both the normal and shift phase layouts have F4 mapped to it and if I set it to toggle then it only toggles the shift phase and not F4. In the game the F4 key needs to be held down in order to activate alternate controls, so I need F4 to be held down/toggled in order for the setup to work.

          BTW the Xbox button absolutely can be used as a totally normal button for the Xbox Elite 1 controller but only in wired mode and with no batteries installed because the wireless ability can't toggle on, at least that's what I've been experiencing
          I guess since the Elite v.2 has built-in BT and internal battery it can't be turned off no matter what.....which is a bummer because I purchased it primarily for this setup


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            Since the Home button is not good for holding, why don't you change the control and map F4 to another button? It could be a shortcut if all single press controls are used?

            As you understand we don't interfere with firmware and if the controller is powered off by the home button we couldn't change that behavior as works on the more upper level.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!