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Ultimarc Ultrastik shows up as mouse in rewasd, but Joystick in Windows

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  • Ultimarc Ultrastik shows up as mouse in rewasd, but Joystick in Windows

    First off, this tool did exactly what I needed to help remap buttons so I can play Castle Crashers with my current button layout on my arcade cabinet. Very happy about that.

    Now for the issue at hand...

    I have a Ultimarc Ultra-stik, which is a remappable analog joystick. I don't have any buttons attached to it, so it is just an analog joystick. This isn't typically an issue since I'm currently just using it as an analog controller in MAME, which is super easy because it lets me map any button to a game, regardless of which physical device it is on.

    Now I'd like to use it in RPCS3, so I can properly control some analog games, but the emulator requires all controller mappings to be a single device per controller.

    I'm looking into how I can create a virtual controller pulled together from the ultrastik joystick and buttons from one of the other controllers on my arcade cabinet. Unfortunately, while rewasd doesn't outright consider it an unknown device, it is detecting it as a mouse.

    Perhaps I can work around this if I'm making a virtual controller with it, but brand new to the software, so still getting familiar with that functionality.

    Thank you for any suggestions or guidance!

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    Thank for the report.

    Interesting. I have a few questions:

    1. Does the Ultimarc Ultra-stick is detected as a mouse? May I ask you to take the screenshot of the main reWASD Windows where all devices are connected.
    2. If it detects as a mouse have you tried to set any mappings to check whether it works (like set controller mapping and check it with joy.cpl)?
    3. What other devices are connected? If the second point is positive, then it possible to group these devices and use as the one.
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	rewasd.png
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	joycpl.png
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      Here is the screenshot as requested...I've also added my joy.cpl list, so you can see it there, as well.

      I'm still familiarizing myself with the software, so hopefully I tested the mapping correctly. Joy.cpl shows a single box for the analog movement, which I see tracking to the movements of the joystick...and its 8 buttons (which are not connected to anything, except one I'm using to test, button 1), just so I could see if rewasd mapped it to one of the mouse buttons. I also moved the stick, to see if it mapped to the movement of the mouse, but in both cases I didn't see anything light up on the mouse in the center of the screen, like l saw when setting up my 360 joysticks.

      As for the connected devices, I have those 5 controllers connected, a mouse (ultimarc optitrak board with a trackball connected), an ultimarc Spinner (usb), a magic keyboard and a Rii keyboard. I'm assuming the unidentified controller in the list is the gp-wiz40/dev2 (from groovygamegear, which I use for my rotary joysticks, but are not ones I'm too worried about for now).

      I was going to try to group the ultrastik with the "xbox 360 for windows" controller and mouse, so I could use their buttons.

      Thanks so much for the response...please, let me know if there is any other information I can provide.
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        I've been doing a little bit of testing, and I think I understand what I'm seeing. When I create a profile, I see a gamepad/keyboard/mouse. Those are virtual devices, correct? Effectively, the mouse item would allow me to map a joystick movement to mouse movement, or joystick buttons to mouse buttons.

        Okay, so, if I make a group of the ultrastik and my 360, I should select the virtual gamepad at the top of the profile, and I should be able to select the left analog stick and bind that to the movement from my ultrastik. Is there a way to get it to detect movement? I don't know what rewasd is seeing the ultrastik joystick as (is it mouse axis?, the middle button/wheel?), movement-wise.


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          Thank you for the details. That's very interesting.

          To realize which device in the group is responsible for which controls do the following:

          - Group devices (gamepad and ultrastick)
          - Apply PS4 Remote Play config.
          - Open joy.cpl ( is also a great debugger) and press controls on both devices to see responding inputs.

          We also would like to see how reports this device in the system, therefore, may we ask you to collect some logs:

          - Go to the C:\Program Files\reWASD and create a shortcut of the process
          - Find the icon on the Desktop (1) and open Properties via contextual menu (2) and type -tracetext (3), like this.
          - Disable all periphery except Xbox and ultrastick (it will help us find correct device containers)
          - Run the created shortcuts.

          The reWASD TextTrace - Controllers.txt file stores this directory C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Logs. Attached the file here.
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            Here are the logs, as requested. I removed all of my devices except keyboard, mouse (optitrac), the Ultrastik and 360 controller.

            Thank you.
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              Thank you for the logs.

              According to the file the Ultrastik reports as two devices - mouse and gamepad in the system. reWASD does recognize the mouse but not the reported controller. Here some log details:

              Description: HID-compliant game controller
              Container Description: Ultimarc Ultra-Stik Player 1
              ContainerId: {6b43c171-6e0f-5d41-b085-aeebe7fd4656}
              ConnectionType: Unknown
              BatteryKind: Unknown
              BatteryLevel: Unknown
              BatteryChargingState: Unknown

              So, it possible to use this device like the mouse (I guess you may remap the buttons of the device), but, unfortunately, not like gamepad as reWASD doesn't support this specific controller. For now.
              Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                Many thanks...very happy with the value I'm getting out of it now, fixing my Castle Crashers issue, but hoping it's not too hard of a fix to get this controller supported.


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                  Will do our best!


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                    Has this been followed up on? I need the joystick to be seen for my virtual 360 controller.


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                      Not yet, but we keep this request in mind