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Astro C40 Freaks Out

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  • Astro C40 Freaks Out

    So when plugging in my Astro C40 wireless it just starts vibrating at full blast with reWASD open.

    The controller is supported, right?

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    We support Astro C40 only in its Xinput mode.
    So, if you download and install the drivers from the manufacturer, and controller will be detected as Xbox in the system, and reWASD will also see it as Xbox controller and will allow you to remap the buttons you see.

    We haven't got any reports about this vibration issue you have though. Could you give me more details? Does the controller appears in the left bottom corner of reWASD main window? Does the vibration stop after a while?


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      It does. It appears as an Xbox 360 controller.

      When I select the controller icon is when the vibration starts. Clicking off the icon does not stop it.


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        Strange behavior. May I ask you to check if the problem reproduces with service.

        Plug the controller.
        Open the provided link and press test vibration.
        The rumble should start and stop automatically. Check your controller behavior. Would the vibration stop or keep triggering?
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          It stops vobrating in reWASD after a few minutes if I let it go then seems to operate correctly.

          Using that link it vibrates hard then goes to a low vibration which lasts about a minute (shorter than reWASD)


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            Thank you for your testing, reWASD doesn't support this device officially so, we can't explain why the rumble behaves like this. Assuming, that this controller uses Xbox 360 driver for Xbox controller compatibility and here could be some issues.

            Please, consider the option to update the firmware or drivers.

            PS. How do you connect the controller via cable or provided USB dongle required for wireless play? Does the problem reproduce with both ways to connect?
            Don't worry! Be Happy!