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Gyro not sensitive enough

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  • Gyro not sensitive enough

    Hey guys,

    Was super excited that you added gyro support recently,but...

    When I move my Switch Pro controller slowly Rewasd doesn't register anything. I've messed with the advanced settings, but nothing seems to help. It's like there's a deadzone, but I have that all the way down.

    If I use the Steam controller client the response is instant... but I hate that thing.

    Any suggestions?

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    Thank you for your question.

    Yes, you may adjust sensitivity using the advanced setting. First, please minimize zone shape (1) and set the first point higher as the min point is the stick's deadzone (2). As an example check the screenshot. Rest of point you may set as you need.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      RadRacer, I've talked to the devs at length about this. There is a movement threshold that dismisses small movements. If you are familiar with Steam Input (the Steam Controller client) then this is what Valve called 'Minimum Movement Threshold.' If you push that a few notches from the left then you'll experience the same exact "not sensitive enough" feeling that reWASD has. Much like you, I find the velocity they use for this setting to be way too aggressive (I would prefer it to be disabled entirely). Unfortunately it isn't a user-facing setting in the current version.

      Unfortunately, my best advice currently is to use a different program for your gyro needs and revisit reWASD in the future when their settings are more fleshed out. I currently use reWASD for digital/analog bindings and JoyShockMapper for gyro bindings. It's a bit if a drag messing with two programs but the end result is perfection. JSM is hands down the best gyro -> mouse software, even beating out Steam Input. It isn't perfect but the fine control you can achieve over the gyro output has made me drastically more accurate than when using Steam Input.
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        CriticalComposer , all your suggestions are taken into account, we are doing some research and will certainly continue improving Gyro and other things we have in reWASD. It seems we have already done a bit, so nothing is impossible

        RadRacer Could you please ensure that you are using the latest build we have? I would be grateful if you could re-download reWASD from the official site and install it again (no reboots are required, it will be easy ). Also, have you tried tuning the Response curve?


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          Woah! Thanks for the response, both of you.

          It is the latest build, I have tried the reinstall (same result) and I have tuned the response curve a bunch of different ways (inc. the one in the screenshot above).
          Still the same.

          I think CriticalComposer has his finger on the pulse there. Steam Input is 1:1 with my micro movements, which is everything for those of us on the gyro wagon. But as far as everything else goes Rewasd is much better.

          Hope this can get sorted soon.


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            Sorry, I meant thanks all 3 of you -_-;

            Also, CriticalComposer I have downloaded JoySHockMapper twice now. Both time my pc picks up a trojan virus in it!!!


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              RadRacer That's unusual. I have Windows Defender and Malwarebytes installed and neither have picked it up as such. If it makes you feel better it is open source and you can comb through the code. It's clean, I can assure you. But I understand if you are cautious and choose to avoid it regardless.