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PS3 Nav controller over Bluetooth (no mayflash adapter)

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  • Star-Lord
    He there!

    Great to hear that our software matches your needs.

    As for the main question. As you mentioned, PS3 Nav is connected using mayflash adapter (this version, for example, and via cable. These are how you can connect the controller and use it with reWASD for now.

    Other BT options to connect the controller are planned to release in one of next releases.

    We're dead serious.

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  • PS3 Nav controller over Bluetooth (no mayflash adapter)

    Good morning, new user here. Very satisfied. I've used pretty much every product you can think of. Vigem + Fireshock + Shibari. XPadder, XOutput, ScpToolKit.. you name it, and probably I've tried it. reWASD is just in another league. What an incredible program. It does EXACTLY what I needed. A Directinput / xinput hybrid so I could FINALLY map movement on the PS Nav3 to the analog stick.

    Now, it simply needs the Bluetooth component in order to be just perfect! how hard is this to implement without using the mayflash adapter? BthPS3 with Vigem and Shibari work great. But that is not user friendly software! I even had to create my own custom "Sink" in Shibari to map buttons how I wanted, still.. reWASD is much much user friendly.

    I'm willing to fund that particular development/component as a contribution to the community. I'm dead serious