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  • Razer Wolverine question

    Hi guys,
    I have been using reWASD with my Xbox Elite 1 for a long time, and is quite happy with it. But now I feel it's time to upgrade my controller, I am so tempted to get Elite Series 2, however with all of the hardware quality issues, I decided to have my eyes on Razer Wolverine Ultimate. I know that reWASD works with Wolverine as XBox 360 but doesn't support the paddles fully. So here is my questions:
    • Because I want to exclusively use reWASD, I don't want to install Razer's remapping software, in case of conflict. Do I need a Razer driver to make Wolverine work too? Or just plug & play with reWASD?
    • Let's say, I mechanically remap the paddles to any other buttons using the Remap Button on the controller itself, then using reWASD to remap the remaining buttons, adding combos and etc, will reWASD leave the remapped paddles the way it has been remapped, and just apply remapping functions to other buttons?
    • Lastly, since adding combos will need to hide the controller itself and create a virtual controller. With the paddles mechanically remapped, will the virtual controller work alongside with the paddles, or it will disable the paddles?
    Thank you!

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    Thank you for your questions

    1. No additional drivers are required. You just plug the controller, it's detected as Xbox 360 - > do mappings - > play.

    2. If you set for example paddle as A control button, then reWASD see that the paddle = A and stays as A after config applying.

    3. I think it depends on what mappings paddles have. If it is gamepad controls, then paddles should work together with a virtual controller. Can't tell about other mappings, like combo or etc, more research is required.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks for the response,
      Regarding the last 2 points, if I set the paddle as A, then remap the actual A face-button to a combo -> a virtual controller is created, so the paddle will still work as A, and the A button will work as combo?


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        If you assign a paddle to A mechanically, reWASD sees a paddle as an ordinary A and so adds a combo to both: the actual A and a paddle.

        It is impossible to make paddles separate controls on Razer gamepads unfortunately.


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          Oh well, that is really unfortunate, thank you for the answer! Hopefully in the future you guys and those 3rd party companies work together to improve gamers' experience more. Keep it up!


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            We hope it will be possible.

            Frankly speaking, we have tried contacting Razer but they didn't answer. Maybe a few posts from customers on their forums may change something


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              I just godt the razer Wolverine ultimate cause of the extra buttons. Is IT possible to remap m1-m6 to lets say keyboard clicks or smtng? If i buy rewasd


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                Originally Posted by Ninja_plys View Post
                I just godt the razer Wolverine ultimate cause of the extra buttons. Is IT possible to remap m1-m6 to lets say keyboard clicks or smtng? If i buy rewasd
                Not directly, as those are not reported as unique buttons to the system. Check case #30 here for details.